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Companies increased their financial audit in 2019!
Companies increased their financial audit in 2019!

The fluctuations in exchange rates and the worldwide economic contraction caused companies to tighten financial audit and prioritize financial management.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Turkey's major consulting firm in 2019 by the Universal Partners said in a statement the company experienced a 30% increase in consulting demand. The most demanded financial areas in 2019 were tax, independent audit and internal audit services. Yafes Pehlivan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Universal Partners, stated that the increase in financial audits is of vital importance for the future of the companies. “Stating that the companies are going through an economically difficult period, the improvement studies and audits towards the financial structures of the companies should be increased. Especially in financial regulations, it is very important to apply to experts in the field ”.

"50 of Turkey's 500 largest companies are giving financial support to the inspection process."

Stating that they work with an experienced team in the areas of independent accounting, financial consultancy, tax consultancy and independent auditing, Chief Executive Officer S.M.M.M Hüseyin Kaya said, “In 2013, we are moving forward with a team of 170 people. Our 7 group companies offer services in European standards. At present, 50 of Turkey's 500 largest companies are giving services in a total of 1,200 companies and 29 million worth of the group are located between strides confidently to our dream of our turnover, "he said.

Top level transfer to Universal Partners!

Mustafa Köksoya has been a senior manager and consultant for over 18 years. In June, he joined Universal Partners. Mustafa Köksoya will be the Executive Board Member of Universal Partners and will continue to serve as the Managing Partner of Universal Partners, which is a part of Universal Partners. Specializing in social security, financial analysis and reporting, error and fraud audits, concordat, labor law, social insurance, general health insurance law, company merger and division, S.M.M.M.M.Mustafa Köksoya continues to work on the establishment of accounting systems and transition to European standards.

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