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Human Resources Software Export
Human Resources Software Export
Kolay IK, which carried its services to Europe with its “Kolay” brand at the end of 2018, aims to further expand its operation abroad by the end of the year.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The cloud-based personnel management software and human resources platform Kolay İK continues its operations in the UK and Greece under the name of Kolay.io, and the software, which has completed all infrastructure works and is presented to the users, is received with great interest. In recent months 4. Investment round in Turkey İşbank's Maxis Innovative Venture Capital Investment Fund of 500 thousand dollars since its establishment by investment reached a total of 2.2 million dollars of investment financing since Kolay İK, it aims to expand its overseas operations with these investments.

As well as in Greece

Efecan Erdur, the Founding Partner of Kolay İK, which conveyed the growth strategies of the company, which reached an average growth rate of 30% per month, said: dık We started to provide services to companies in the UK and Estonia markets. Currently, more than 1200 companies in Turkey and we serve 220,000 thousand employees. Now we will first open up to other European countries. We are aiming for the markets that have not yet been satisfied, especially in the field of HR, by including companies with 30 to 250 employees. Besides Turkey-based company that uses the Kolay İK We make it easy with them overseas operations. In this direction, we have finalized the preliminary studies in Estonia, which we have chosen as a pilot country, and we will start to serve in Greece in 2019 as it grows rapidly there. ”

Customer The secret of growth is user satisfaction 

Gathering all payroll transactions such as permits, personal information, embezzlement, advances, premiums and expenditures as well as goal-based performance evaluations under one roof, Kolay İK digitizes all processes related to personnel management. Efecan Erdur stated that they are working for a better user experience with a team of 40 people. “Kolay İK owes its stable growth and increase the number of users in a short time to user satisfaction of more than 90%. We will continue our work abroad with this motivation. ”

About Kolay İK

Kolay İK, Turkey's first cloud-based personnel management software. HR minimizes the workload of employees and allows them to focus on value-added jobs. It digitalizes all processes related to personnel management and enables them to be carried out under one roof, increasing productivity and reducing errors. It simplifies the lives of company employees and HR teams by offering solutions in many areas such as permits, trainings, payroll, meal card management, expenditures, individual retirement participation, embezzlement and personal information, and performance management.

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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