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Free Shipping Option Increases Competition in E-commerce
Free Shipping Option Increases Competition in E-commerce

The number of stores offering free shipping services increased by 11% to 49%, according to the SME E-commerce report. Firms that cover the consumer's cargo charge also encourage buying while standing out in competition. The free shipping option positively affects the consumer's decision to buy by 94%, according to research.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - 2018 save 18% of global e-trade volume growth rose to nearly $ 3 trillion, a growth of 42%, while in Turkey has reached 60 billion pounds. Seyhun Özkara, CEO of Ideasoft, an e-commerce infrastructure provider, stated that consumers are examining the factors affecting the purchasing decision in internet shopping. Returning the disliked product for replacement on the same day is in the second place with a rate of 45%. The ‘free shipping seçene option ranks third with 44%.

Same day delivery option
With the spread of e-commerce around the world, consumers' expectations about product delivery have increased. “Same day delivery” and “free shipping” options on e-commerce sites are important because they provide competitive advantages. Today, when the same day delivery expectation is gradually becoming a standard practice, companies produce different solutions for delivery. Companies such as Amazon, which is located in many developed markets, are working to provide their customers with the same day delivery with their distribution networks and drone near big cities. It is envisaged that the methods that enable customers to receive their products at certain points they demand will be widely used in Europe.

Free shipping half of online shopping in Turkey
According to Ideasoft's 2018 SME E-commerce Report, 38% of online purchases were offered free shipping in 2017, and this rate increased to 49% in 2018. While e-commerce sites aim to stand out from the competition by paying the shipping costs, they are also trying to motivate consumers for purchasing behavior.

Cargo and logistics support for e-commerce companies
When shipping and delivery processes are so important, it is also important that the companies stepping into e-commerce manage this process. Seyhun Özkara stated that they offer effective and easy solutions to the companies. “As a technology company, Ideasoft uses different integrations in order to facilitate e-commerce processes for its customers, reduce labor and time loss, and adapt their customers to innovative solutions in an easy and fast way. About 7,000 virtual stores that use our e-commerce infrastructure, especially SMEs; We help him deliver his orders quickly to the cargo company and provide customers with information about the process. ”

About Ideasoft

Since 2005, it is offering web and mobile-based software solutions Ideasoft, Turkey's leading e-commerce continues to operate as an infrastructure provider. In the process of achieving its business goals, it produces qualified projects and solutions that will increase the competitiveness of the company and create added value.

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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