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Number of People Shopping with Digital Currencies Exceeds 10,000
Number of People Shopping with Digital Currencies Exceeds 10,000

The number of people using cryptocurrencies while shopping online in Turkey has increased rapidly in the last 3 years, exceeding 10 thousand. Taking advantage of this trend, webookin.com has taken a step forward for travel enthusiasts to buy flights using cryptocurrencies on more than 500,000 routes from 1,400 airlines.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Crypto currencies are expanding day by day. The travel sector, on the other hand, is becoming one of the sectors that offers digital currencies as an alternative payment method. Since 2013, many companies around the world have been using crypto coins, especially bitcoin, as a payment method; flight ticket, hotel and car rental services. One in three thinks that digital currencies are the future of investment. According to data webookin.com get the results of market research in Turkey, between the user's Bitcoin and other crypto shoppers with money from 10,000 to 12,000.

“We expect that the trend of paying with crypto money will increase by 200% every year!”

The increase in the number of crypto-currency users in Turkey, affords you the opportunity to the emergence of new initiatives. Dorukcan Keskin, an entrepreneur from Izmir, who founded webookin.com, an online travel platform, and his team of three aim to be able to pay for crypto money while buying air tickets in 2020. The initiative first gained an investment of 250.000 TL seed from an Izmir businessman and accelerated its activities. For many countries are evaluating the investment but said that they believe that Turkey's potential DorukC Sharp, "Our primary goal is to reach the number of crypto currency in excess of 10 thousand users in Turkey. This is the reason why we make investments in Turkey research data that we have acquired will increase by approximately 200% each year for the next 5 years of payments trends with crypto currency. The sector is growing very fast and we want to be one of the first online travel agencies entered the market in Turkey. Towards the end of 2020 with the power of the seed investment we receive, we will provide services in the car rental and hotel reservations sectors ”.

“Up to $ 1.5 million insurance is involved in online transactions”

The platform, which has TÜRSAB certificate, will present airplane tickets of each class in more than 500 thousand routes by accepting payment with crypto coins. Once the crypto currency users have selected their tickets on the site, they will pay directly with the QR code or seed account, and all commission costs will be covered by webookin.com. Saying that the users will not be affected by the currency fluctuation, Keskin said, dık We have received all security certificates regarding the online payment process. In the event of any loss on the payment side, all transactions are insured up to $ 1.5 million. Belirt

It is aimed to provide social benefits by increasing female employment.

The initiative, which invests in Izmir, which has a significant potential in the online tourism market, focuses on creating social benefits as well as innovative steps. The platform aims to share 10% of its net profit with non-governmental organizations working to prevent women from being subjected to physical and psychological violence, while aiming to create a corporate culture where the number of female employees will always be 75% or more.

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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