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World E-Commerce Forum will be held online and free this year
World E-Commerce Forum will be held online and free this year

World E-Commerce Forum, organized in partnership with WORLDEF and Işbank Turkey, will be held online and free this year. Important names of the e-commerce and e-export ecosystem from the UK and different countries will share their experiences in the forum, where more than ten thousand companies are expected to participate. Turkish companies will be able to conduct one-to-one meetings and matches with companies from the UK and different countries in a virtual environment.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - World E-Commerce Forum, organized annually by WORLDEF, Turkey's first e-export platform with the main business partnership of Işbank, will be held free and online for the first time this year in order to support all stakeholders of e-commerce and e-exports within the scope of the coronavirus (Covid-19) measures. The forum, which is the organizing partner of the British Ministry of Commerce and the Turkish Exporters Assembly, will be Turkey's biggest online event of this scale. Companies looking for Turkish manufacturers from all over the world will meet with Turkish companies that are registered in the forum. WORLDEF President Ömer Nart said, “The forum will offer a vision to those who want to e-export and will open the horizon.”

Online World E-Commerce Forum 2020 will be held in a virtual environment under the leadership of WORLDEF, main business partner Işbank Turkey and partnership of Ministry of Commerce of the UK and Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) organization partnership on Saturday, May 16 between 12: 00-17: 30 pm. The forum, supported by the Turkish Ministry of Commerce, will include sessions, workshops, one-to-one video interviews and Cooperation meetings in the focus of e-exports. The forum, which is Turkey's first and largest activity in this field, aims to contribute to all stakeholders to support development through e-exports.

Turkish companies will meet companies from different countries

This year, the forum will be organized free and online to support the e-export ecosystem and develop e-exports in the coronavirus pandemic process. More than 15 speakers from the e-commerce and e-export ecosystem will participate and more than 10 workshops will be organized in the online forum to be held through the video conference application DealRoom. More than 100 international companies will take part in the forum, where online participation of more than ten thousand companies is expected. British e-commerce companies invited by the UK Ministry of Commerce will also be on the forum. Companies from different countries, especially England, can open a virtual stand. Cooperation meetings between Turkish manufacturers and foreign companies will be held at these stands. All participants will be able to meet and organize meetings with each other and participant companies as if they were in a physical event.

Some of the important names of cross-border e-commerce ecosystem will take place in the forum's speakers; WORLDEF President Omer Nart, British Consul General in Istanbul Judith Slater, Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) Secretary General Prof. Dr. Kerem Alkin, President of the Turkish-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry Alderman Emma Edhem, UK Ministry of Commerce Dealmaker Simon Spince, General Manager of Elearning Marketplace, one of the UK's major marketplaces, Carolyn Lewis, CRO Sven Hakan Thyr and Phil Booker, one of the UK's largest online marketplaces, ChannelEngine CEO Jorrit Steinz, who provides integration for sales to overseas marketplaces, Andrei Buecli (Amazon Operations Manager) and Aaron Sarac (COO) from the London Bridge Project, which manages the UK sales operations of companies from different countries.

Online morale concert by Paul Dwyer

At the end of the forum, Scottish musician Paul Dwyer will give online morale concerts to the participants. With its unique style, Dwyer, who has fans all over the world, will give forum participants pleasant moments in a virtual environment. The famous musician will also sing Turkish songs.

Ömer Nart: The forum will offer vision to e-exporters

WORLDEF President Ömer Nart said that the Online World E-Commerce Forum, where the UK e-commerce market will be put on the table, is a great opportunity for companies that want to increase their cross-border e-commerce capacity. Pointing out that Britain is one of the biggest markets in Europe in terms of e-commerce capacity, Nart said, “The forum will deal with the most current e-commerce-related issues specifically for the UK market. Cross-border e-commerce opportunities will also be discussed in the European region. In this sense, the World E-Commerce Forum is a guide for companies that want to get a share of the big cake in England, which has great potential for e-exporters. Our e-exporters need to evaluate very well the transition period after the Brexit decision. For this reason, the forum will present a vision to those who want to e-export and will open the horizon.”

Postponed due to coronavirus

World E-Commerce Forum 2020 was to be held at Istanbul Shangri-la Hotel on April 15, 2020 this year, but was delayed due to a coronavirus pandemic. Organization partners decided to organize the forum online. The forum to be held through the online video conference application DealRoom will be the first online event to be organized on this scale.


Online World E-Commerce Forum 2020 WORLDEF Turkey Business Bank and organized in partnership with its main business. Britain's Ministry of Commerce and partner organizations forum where Turkey Exporters Assembly, Turkey's Ministry of Commerce also supported. Among the participating companies of the forum are the following; Digital Partners, London Bridge Project, AliExpress, Magnacca, Fruugo, ChannelEngine, Elearning Marketplace, Propars, Sefamerve, EY Parthenon, UND, PTS. Media sponsors are; TRT Haber, TRT World, Reuters, Turkish British, World, Sabah, Hürriyet, Ecommerce News, B2Press, Perakende.org.

For registration and detailed information on the forum:


Forum page usage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgOPugNsJUo

Muhammed Biral - WORLDEF Director: 0 532 463 01 81

Melek Keskin - Organization Manager: 0 538 082 78 15

About World E-Commerce Forum

World E-Commerce Forum, organized by the Business Bank of Turkey WORLDEF and main business partnerships; Turkey is an international conference which was organized in order to contribute to the vision of making a regional e-commerce center. The World E-Commerce Forum, which has held the pulse of the sector in e-export and e-commerce axis with its international and local speakers specialized in its sector since 2017, undertakes the mission of providing contributions to local retail brands and SMEs with its international network opportunity to facilitate e-export.

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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