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E-commerce whets appetite, global growth forecast is 40%
E-commerce whets appetite, global growth forecast is 40%

Worldwide e-commerce volume has grown by 73% in the last 3 years. The market, which is expected to reach $ 5 trillion by the end of 2021, is expected to reach this expectation by the end of 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic. E-commerce is also home to new initiatives and the rapidly developing Turkish market is attracting attention.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The worldwide volume of e-commerce, which has become increasingly important with the rapid development of technology, has increased by 73% in the last 3 years and reached $ 3.5 trillion. The global e-commerce market, which has an average growth of 30% each year, is expected to reach the volume of 5 trillion dollars, which is the target of the end of 2021, by the end of 2020. 64% of the global e-commerce volume is expected to occur in developing countries. The rapidly growing market brings with it new initiatives. Exportzon.com, which is an online marketplace application that enables the realization of US-based import and export transactions, continues its operations in 40 countries in a wide geography from Middle East countries to Europe, Africa and Latin America. E-commerce platform and business opportunities in Turkey proximity to target markets in terms of market began to operate with May.

“We want to create a new area for export”

In a statement from the Exportzon.com, they aim to create a significant commercial opportunity for Turkey's exports increased by processes which stated that the growth rate of the global sales network was transferred rapidly bring new buyers and sellers each month. In the continuation of the announcement, “We continue our efforts to become a trade gateway to the world. Our platform, which continues to operate actively with hundreds of dropshipper sellers and hundreds of suppliers in the USA, Europe, Middle East and Africa, promises higher profits to the sellers with its high stock volume and 9% lower transaction cost. The suppliers included in the system have the opportunity to promote and sell their products in the most popular market places in the world with professional online sellers around the world through this platform.”

Exportzon continues to work on online commerce worldwide in the countries like; United States, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Bulgaria, Spain, Russia, France, Ukraine, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Japan, South Korea, Qatar, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait Dubai, Algeria, Egypt, India, South Africa, UAE, Israel, Morocco, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Ireland, Portugal, Montenegro and Turkey.

E-commerce experience will be transferred through trainings

While it is stated that it is not only a shopping platform, but also it is intended to transfer the e-commerce experience gained in the global market to Turkish users through trainings, Exportzon.com will offer a training series of 55 videos during May. The trainings that answer all the questions that users wonder about e-commerce and e-export include the things to be considered in every field of trade and the steps to be taken.

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