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Voice chat application Hello, entered the Turkish market
Voice chat application Hello, entered the Turkish market

Coronavirus outbreak has affected social life in Turkey as well as all over the world and people who are locked in their home began to look for ways to socialize. Amid the pandemic, online chatting application Hello, entered the Turkish market.

ISTANBUL (TR) - Social isolation measures taken in Turkey, as well as all over the world due to coronavirus millions of people locked in their houses. Those who want to socialize and meet new people turned to virtual environments. Researches revealed that the number of online users worldwide reached 3.5 billion and the number of social media accounts reached 7.7 billion during the pandemic. Thanks to the young adults in the digital world, Turkey stands out as the country with the world's seventh largest young population with 88.1%. In order to meet their needs, Hello entered the Turkish market to increase social interaction and respond to socializing needs. Application offers a two-minute phone calls to users and allows them to meet thousands of new people and become friends.

A 'hello' can change many things

With 500 million calls and monthly 250 thousand users, voice chat application allows people to meet new people all over the world. Hello, now offers access to the users in Turkey. By choosing location and target countries Turkish users can also connect people via 2 minute - voice calls randomly. After communicating with a voice call, adding the interviewed person as a friend and messaging options are also being available. Stating that a conversation started by saying only a hello can provide opportunities in many areas such as friendship, career or emotional relationships, Arian Kastrati, CEO of Hello, said, “We started with our belief that a ‘hello’ can change many things, and according to the course of the conversation we aimed to offer an adventure where you can build new relationships in many subjects. Thus, during the pandemic, which is a socially challenging process, we want to contribute to the socialization of people, even in virtual environments, and to establish beneficial relationships by discovering new people.”

The target is to grow 20-fold in Turkey

Stating that Turkish society with the outward-looking approach in communication and the young user density in the country make a significant potential for investors, Arian Kastrati, noted regarding investments in Turkey: "Turkey is friendly and does acquainted dialogue with new people. Society's characteristics and the intensity of the use of digital media for socializing, especially young people, Turkey demonstrates the potential. As Hello, we have gained a significant momentum in the market in our first steps in 2016 and our expectation is that we will grow more than 20 times in the second quarter.”

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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