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80 samples of press releases on 40 topics

80 samples of press releases on 40 topics

Discover a wide range of press release examples across 40 different topics, offering you 80 options to explore. This extensive collection allows you to pinpoint the perfect press release topic that aligns with your specific needs and objectives.

Do you remember the famous quote, "Everything changes. The only thing constant in life is change!"? This argument of the philosopher Heraclitus, who lived in Ephesus in 535 BC, has become the building stone of public relations today. The ever-increasing digitalization has made it necessary for the business world to continuously transform while opening the door for organizations that are willing to share their developments or services with their existing or potential audiences, customers, and business partners to rebuild their PR strategies. Press releases have become the key to effective PR efforts for organizations, especially as everyone from consumers to key players in the business world has shifted to the digital world to be up to date. However, press releases may not contribute to the goals set unless they are written in line with the organization's PR objectives and are newsworthy. At B2Press | Online PR Service, we provide you with 80 press release samples on 40 topics, allowing you to explore press release topics to identify the most suitable area for your purpose.

See our blog post on "How can PR help brand building?" to learn more about the role of press releases in public relations.

Why is it important to choose a topic for press releases?

Press releases are among the main tools used by organizations to establish strong communication with the public or their business partners. A press release brings brand prestige and brand awareness, allowing the brand to appeal to a wider audience. However, not every press release can attract the attention of the target audience or stakeholders. Therefore, identifying a newsworthy topic before writing a press release is the most critical step in covering the mission and vision in the right way.

Read our blog posts on "How to write a press release? and "Why aren't all press releases newsworthy?" to learn more about why press releases should be newsworthy.

In this blog post, we will cover examples of press release topics, and support them with samples of press releases that we have written for the brands we collaborate with. Let's get started.

Press release topics and press release examples


1. Announce a company launch: One of the best reasons to write a press release is to announce the launch of your new company. In this way, you can both inform your target audience about your new services and attract investors by explaining your mission and mission.


For example, Unidef announced the launch of its activities to accelerate the transition to a decentralized future, by publishing press releases on LOKMA, the first Webtoon platform in Türkiye.

2. Announce your new office/dealership opening or office relocation: If your company is successfully implementing the strategies it has defined, it means there are no obstacles for you to grow and open new offices/dealerships. You can publish a press release to announce the opening of your new office, dealership, or store to a wider audience.

Seramiksan, a tile and sanitary ware manufacturer, announced the opening of its dealership in Karaköprü, Şanlıurfa and Seranit, another tile brand, announced the opening of its new store in Adana with a press release.

3. Share your internal developments: While the dynamics and needs of the business world are changing day by day, it is now easier for you to achieve new developments with digitalization! You can also take advantage of press releases to support your success and become a key player in your sector.

Hop, a Turkish micro-mobility initiative, announced its opening to several countries with a press release. Desidero Shoes also used a press release to tell about its global growth through R&D studies.

4. Promote your new product: A press release is the shortest and most effective way to announce the new product that you have developed with a creative and innovative approach to your target audience and customers. You can also use this PR method to announce your new solution to your sector and shape the market.

SAP, a global software giant, announced its new AI solution with a press release. in4startups, a digital accelerator platform that enables startups to commercialize and come together with investors, also announced with a press release that it developed an analysis to assess the sustainability of startups.

SAP, a global software giant, announced its new AI solution with a press release. in4startups, a digital accelerator platform that enables startups to commercialize and come together with investors, also announced with a press release that it developed an analysis to assess the sustainability of startups.


5. Share updates about your products: If you have a corporate culture that focuses on continuous improvement and development, you can announce your product or service innovations in press releases so that your customers do not suffer from any inconveniences.


6. Turn your branding journey into a story: Whether you are a small, medium, or large-scale company. As a company's branding journey never ends, sharing it with your existing customers or partners stands out as an important strategy.

For example, VOQ, a bathroom furniture brand, supports its mission to bring Italian decoration culture to Türkiye and its relevant practices through press releases.  Among the brands that supported their branding journey with press releases is AJA Jewels, which brought European jewelry fashion to Turkiye.

Read our blog post to learn more about brand positioning or brand configuration.

7.Announce your competitions: You don't always have to offer a new product or service to increase brand awareness and gain prestige. You can increase brand awareness and communicate with your target audience by organizing competitions and announcing these events to your target audience through press releases.

Binomo, an online trading platform, announced its prize competition to enhance consumer engagement with a press release, while Mars Logistics aslso took advantage of a press release to announce its competition organized with the support of the Logistics Association (LODER).

8.Announce the winners of your competition:Winning always makes you happy! Participating in a competition in a field of interest and seeing your name in the media is even more exciting and encourages you to get into contact with the organizing company.

Taking advantage of this output, fonbulucu.com, a crowd-funding platform, worked with B2Press | Online PR Service to announce the winners of its competition on AI Solutions software. MOPAK also announced the winners of the MOPART painting competition with a press release.

9.Share milestones in your company's growth: Satisfied customers, successfully completed projects, a growing number of affiliates, well-known business partners, and many more... You should make all of these visible to your target audience in order to become a leading brand in your sector or increase your sources of income through new collaborations.


Force Chain informed about its rise in Europe's steel chain manufacturing industry through a press release. SAP shared a series of global customer partnerships that are accelerating its operations and transformations in a press release.


10.Promote your new website: If you're launching a new website in a digital world with no clear boundaries, you need to get your site's name out there as widely as possible to gain visibility.


Abdullah Habib, who created a digital encyclopedia called Turkpidya based on his love for Turkiye, or Emrah Durası, an entrepreneur who entered the European market by selling hardware products online, introduced their websites with press releases.

11.Expose your social responsibility activities: Telling people about your aid campaigns, and your support of non-governmental organizations or charities outside of your sector will prove that your brand is not indifferent to social problems. This will both help your company to gain prestige and improve brand awareness.


For example, Asortie Furniture executed a joint project with Ataşehir Municipality to provide 50 cat houses for stray animals, and Mars Logistics, one of the leading logistics companies in Turkiye, announced the first graduates of the Mars Driver Academy, a first in the sector.

12. Declare your volunteer work: When it comes to social responsibility activities, carrying out projects that would only be useful in the present time will certainly not be enough. Instead, you can invest in the future by volunteering in several activities or preparing a new project.


Güngör, a YouTuber, announced with a press release that he collaborated with Huysuz İhtiyar, an Association for Animal Rights and Environmental Activists, to cook 1.5 tons of animal feed in one day for stray dogs living in the Beykoz Forest. The Private Antalya Yaşam Hospital also announced in a press release that a large number of physicians and health personnel voluntarily went to the regions affected by the earthquake that happened in Turkiye in February.

13. Publicize your donations: Using press releases to publicize the donations you have made to help the prevention of adverse issues around the world or to provide solutions to people's needs not only helps your brand gain prestige but can also encourage other companies to take action as it makes the issue known to a wider audience.


Gate Charity, a global non-profit organization, collaborated with Gate.io Turkiye to announce with a press release that it donated 1 million TRY to Sinemasal Akademi, a social initiative that aims to improve the lives of the child survivors of the earthquake through education and psychological support. Advantech, one of the leading companies in industrial IoT, also used press releases to publicize the donation initiatives it started concurrently.

14. Tell about a national or local event you participated in: Advertising may not be enough to increase brand awareness. By organizing or participating in international or local events, you can allow your employees to socialize and increase brand awareness among the participants. By sharing the details of the event through press releases, you can make your company's business network official and gain the trust of your target audience or customers.


PwC Turkiye and SAP Turkiye also organized a conference on Sustainable and Resilient Supply Chain Management to announce with a press release that it brought industry players together, while TED University used a press release to announce that it brought its students together with more than 100 business professionals at the 7th WanTED Career Days.

Take a look at our content here to learn more about event announcements.


15. Attract attention with your new campaign:You can start a new campaign and offer deals to your target audience in order to draw their attention to your brand. You can reach people far beyond your imagination by promoting your original and unique campaign concepts with press releases.


Unusual Office announced with a press release that it started a campaign to support women entrepreneurs. Narkasa, a local cryptocurrency exchange, also announced with a press release that it distributed 2000 HOT coins to each of its users.

16. Lead your sector by sharing the results of your survey or research: You can use press releases to announce the results of your research on the sector or society you operate in, to position yourself as an expert in the eyes of the public.


Habitat Association took advantage of a press release to announce the results of a fifth of the Report on the Wellbeing of Youth, one of the most comprehensive research on youth in Turkiye which introduced the concept of "Home Youth" to the literature, while Grant Thornton, an independent audit, tax, accounting and consulting company, also took advantage of a "Women in Business" survey covering 28 countries and received wide media coverage.

17. Tell your customers if you have changed the name of your product:If you have changed the name of your products or services in line with your mission as your company continues to grow, press releases will be the shortest and most effective way to share this with your customers.


True Global Ventures (TGV) announced in a press release that it will further capitalize on generative AI and Web3 investment opportunities with the OF fund it has introduced to the market with its new name.

18. Build prestige with the awards you win: Being appreciated by colleagues and professionals always deserves a mention. You can tell people about the awards you have received from national or international organizations to enhance your credibility while building prestige.


Zer, a company that operates in the field of procurement and supply chain in Turkiye, collaborated with B2Press to announce that it won 23 awards in the CEO World and Business Excellence Awards programs of the US-based The Globee Awards, and Smile Hair Clinic to announce that it was selected the "Best Quality Hair Transplant Clinic" at the 13th Quality of the Year Award Ceremony organized by Quality of Magazine.


19. Report your industry-specific forecasts: In times of global economic volatility, you can draw the attention of your stakeholders with market forecasts related to the future of your industry.

For example, InfinitumIT, which was established to provide consultancy and support services on information security, held a company-wide 2022-2023 Year-End Vision Meeting and took advantage of a press release to report on the potential developments to take place in cyber security in 2023. Göztepe Nakliyat also used a press release to announce its forecasts on potential moving rates in the coming period with the increase in rental fees.

20. Provide your stakeholders with the outputs of the meeting you have made with your business partners:You can hold meetings with your business partners inside or outside your sector; build new partnerships in these meetings and achieve success in your sector by developing innovative solutions in the field you serve. Sharing the outcomes of the meetings with your stakeholders or target audience through press releases will prove the reliability of your business network and show that you have the competence to continuously improve your services.


Markamarie and ECCAS also used press releases to announce the events in which many companies abroad participated. In this way, they opened the door for global brands to meet the players of the local market, while increasing brand awareness and credibility by announcing their existing collaborations.

21. Publish your balance sheet: Companies of all sizes, B2B or B2C, regularly prepare balance sheets to monitor their momentum of growth and develop new strategies accordingly. Publishing this balance sheet through press releases will show your company's progress to your customers and business partners. Thereby you can create a bond of loyalty by proving that you are moving forward with the mission you have undertaken.


Uyumsoft IT company announced that it grew by 80% in 2022, while Daikin announced with a press release its turnover of 202 million TRY in its 10th year in Turkiye.

22. Prove your expertise by sharing your insights: Whether you are an entrepreneur or a company that has been in the industry for many years. Writing about your experience to prove with the help of the press that you are a competent business will allow you to establish a trust-based bond with your customers and target audience. In this way, you can become a company that knows the market well and open up to new collaborations and investments.


For example, Seramiksan, which operates in the decoration sector with ever-changing trends as a manufacturer of tiles, sanitary ware, and construction chemicals, announced through press releases what consumers expect from leading players in the sector in the new season every year. Vespa Solar Energy also used this method to share its evaluations on SPP investments in renewable energy intended for the protection of our planet from global warming.

23. Promote events where you will share your knowledge: Transferring your knowledge and experience in the sector you operate in, either in writing or through various programs, can help your brand attract individuals that are willing to improve themselves in the field. In this way, you can turn your potential customers into existing customers over time, or present your mission of sharing by helping your industry to gain qualified employees.


Coinoxs, a technology company based in Turkiye, announced with a press release that it organized a Web3 event with convenient practices for entrepreneurs, university students, and investors to build technologies of the future. IdeaSoft, an e-commerce infrastructure provider, also took advantage of a press release to announce a series of seminars aimed at increasing the participation of women in the workforce.


24. Announce the acquisition of another company or a merger: Fast-paced growth of a company opens the door to new partnerships. At this point, you can invest in a new company to expand your field of activity or provide services in different areas. You can also demonstrate your purchasing power by publicizing these investments through press releases.

Daikin, a company operating in the air conditioning sector, announced with a press release the acquisition of Landi S.p.A. which is known for its expertise in engineering and project management. Joygame, a gaming company in Turkiye, also announced with a press release that it invested in Drybrush, a London-based game studio.

25. Invite people to your Webinar: At a time when online interviews have replaced face-to-face meetings, you can hold Webinars and host a wider audience than ever before. With press releases, you can both promote your Webinar and show the power of your expertise and audience by sharing the outcomes of the Webinar after the event.


İkas announced its online event, attended by the world's leading e-commerce experts, with a press release. MarkeTech also took advantage of a press release to introduce its Webinar that would bring experts from the field of marketing and technology together.

26. Share your knowledge by organizing free courses: While knowledge and experience are the most important resources for a brand's growth, making them accessible through courses will turn your brand into a resource in the eyes of consumers and add value to your services.


SAHARA Group or English Kids Academy, which has so far provided training to the managers of more than 300 corporate companies from 50 countries with the programs it has organized, preferred press releases to introduce the free English courses it offers within the scope of its corporate social responsibility project.


27. Build an audience for your podcasts: With the advancement of technology, it is now possible to obtain new information regardless of time and place. If you have a podcast series, you can build your own audience with press releases by submitting a request to B2Press | Online PR Service.


TED University announced the details of the podcast series it prepared within the scope of gender equality in a press release.

28. Promote your event: Using press releases to announce the events you organize to come together with your business partners, customers, and target audience in the sector you serve, will help your brand to gain prestige and promote your event.


İkas, a company that provides e-commerce infrastructure services to SMEs, announced its E-Commerce Summit with a press release. Seramiksan also announced with a press release that it would introduce its new series at UNICERA trade fair which hosts many local and international brands.

29. Announce your achievements: By announcing your innovative developments and achievements in your products and services through press releases, you can attract new business partners and grow your customer base.


30. Prove your competence by sharing your certifications: The key to attracting potential customers' trust in your service is to make them believe in your competence and equipment. Therefore, it is critical to highlight your certifications when communicating your expertise in press releases.


While sharing her views on good and healthy living through a press release, Gizem Taşar, a Life and Career Coach, noted that she was ICF (International Coaching Federation) certified. Likewise, Fatih Elibol, a life coach, took advantage of press releases to share his thoughts on his profession and noted that he had a professional certification.


31. Present your vision by sharing your strategies: The key to a company's success is undoubtedly its ability to execute its strategies. Sharing these strategies with the public through press releases will both reveal the vision of the organization and enable it to build trust with its employees, stakeholders, and customers. Moreover, it will help the company to be recognized by new investors.


Willing to enhance employee engagement, Mars Logistics used a press release to announce its strategies regarding the flexible working model, while Producter, a product management platform, also took advantage of a press release to explain their new targets in line with the investments they received.

32. Celebrate employees who retire from your organization: When employees leave their organization by retiring, it is a sign that the brand is able to build a healthy relationship with its employees.


For example, Koç Holding announced in a press release that Ahmet Ashaboğlu, CFO; Cenk Çimen, Head of Automotive Group; Tamer Haşimoğlu, Head of Tourism, Food, and Retail Group; and Oya Ünlü Kızıl, Corporate Communications and External Relations Director, would leave their positions due to retirement.

33. Share news on promotions with the sector: Appreciating the success of your employees will help a company execute its business processes in a more effective way, enhance employee motivation and turn them into more productive people. Using press releases to congratulate employees who have achieved success in the company and earned the right to be promoted will not only contribute to your PR efforts but will also show that you have a vibrant structure within the organization.



Üntel Kablo also announced with press releases that Ali Ömer Alemdar, who has been serving as their general manager since 2013, was appointed as an Independent Board Member. Intelligence, an SAP consultancy company, appointed Fatih Irak as General Manager in charge of Sales and Marketing in line with its growth targets and announced that with a press release.

34. Strengthen your business network by telling about your collaborations: Improving the service quality, expanding the field of activities, and strengthening the business network with new partnerships play a critical role in a company's growth. Announcing these collaborations through press releases paves the way for new connections.


Ducati, an Italian motorcycle brand, announced with a press release its decision to accelerate innovation and customer experience with SAP. Devexperts, a financial software company, also took advantage of a press release to announce its financial cooperation with Osmanlı Yatırım.

Read our blog post here to learn how to strengthen your business communication with PR activities.

35. Explain your restructuring process to be transparent: Improving the service quality, expanding the field of activities, and strengthening the business network with new partnerships play a critical role in a company's growth. Announcing these collaborations through press releases paves the way for new connections.


Çolakoğlu Metalurji from the steel industry and ÇETAŞ, one of the automotive retailers, used press releases to announce their company restructuring and the launch of SAP projects.

36.Announce your special offers for the customers: Use press releases to announce your special offers for the customers to keep in close touch and improve your relationship with them.


Ziraat Bank, one of the public banks in Turkiye, used this method to announce on the anniversary of its foundation that it gave a watch as a gift to its employees who were employed at the bank for more than 10 years. PTT (Turkish Post) also used this method to announce that, it gave a stamp collection to the 182nd customer that received service, to celebrate the 182nd anniversary of the foundation of the Corporation.

37.Show that you are up-to-date at all times: Following and commenting on the developments in Turkiye and around the world will help brands communicate with their existing and potential customers.


For example, the Presidential Election in Türkiye, which took place on May 14th, remained on the agenda for months and Ender Unutan Ersözlü, Att. at Law, drew attention to criminal behavior during the election process by issuing a press release through B2Press. Mıhcı Law Office also took advantage of press releases to examine, on a legal basis, the disputes that arose between employees and employers during the pandemic that lasted for two years.

38. To create a seamless customer experience, tell about the services you offer: With the ever-increasing use of e-commerce, it takes only seconds for consumers to reach dozens of brands in their purchasing process. Achieving customer engagement in an intensely competitive environment is of critical importance. Brands that focus on creating the perfect experience to increase customer satisfaction announce their efforts through press releases.


Seramiksan participated in the Cersaie Fair, the world's largest international ceramic and bathroom furniture event held in Italy. The company announced with a press release that it created a 360-degree virtual tour for existing and potential customers who could not visit the fair area. Alicibul developed a reverse trading strategy for car sales and used press releases to tell about this strategy that offers convenience to customers in their purchasing processes.

39. Comment on industry developments: As the business world evolves with technology, assessing developments in your industry through press releases will position you as an expert in the eyes of both your customers and stakeholders.


For example, with a press release, ETS Global Turkiye announced its assessment of the effects of AI solutions on the recruitment processes of HR departments. Roksit, with its long years of experience, also took advantage of a press release to declare its opinions on the developments in the cyber security ecosystem in Turkiye regarding DNS security.

40. Tell people about your new investor: Adopting an innovative strategy and vision in your business processes will attract the attention of both foreign and domestic foreigners, allowing you to create new capital channels. By announcing the investments you have received with press releases, you can prove that you are trusted in the business world and this will bring you to the fore in the eyes of your potential customers.


New Me, a health tourism marketplace, announced with a press release that it received a total investment of 500 thousand dollars from investors including Keiretsu Forum Turkiye, TRAngels angel investors Angel Effect, Alemşah Öztürk, and Claus Bollrath. Octovan, which is positioned as a marketplace that brings transportation companies and customers together, also announced with a press release that it received an investment of 11.5 million TRY in the financing round attended by Arz Portföy and Vinci Yatırım.

Press release distribution brings many benefits to all individuals, organizations, and brands. However, as the world is becoming more and more of a global village, your press release efforts should not remain "local"! Whichever market you are doing or aiming to do business in, you can reach your target audience through the press available in that market. View our blog post on "Raising brand presence abroad via press release distribution”.

As we are at the end of this long but useful article, we would like to state we have saved the most important topic for the last. A good press release is the key to getting the most out of press release distribution, and the first step to a successful press release is to prepare a detailed brief. We believe you are wondering, "How to create a press release brief?". Let's conclude with our blog post on this topic.

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