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Reach your target audience through the media: How to distribute a press release?

Reach your target audience through the media: How to distribute a press release?

In this digital age, press releases, which stand out as one of the most powerful tools for brands to reach their target audience, to build reputation and gain online visibility, become more successful when distributed within the scope of an effective strategy. As B2Press Online PR Service, in this article, we summarize the issues to be considered in distributing press releases and the stages of press release distribution, and we focus on answering the question of "how to distribute a press release?".

In this article, as B2Press Online PR Service, adapting the public relations processes to the digital age, we will focus on the distribution of the press release which is a process consisting of four stages being; choosing the targets of the press release, then determining the target audiences and the countries where the press release will be distributes, then selecting a reliable distribution business partner, and lastly evaluating the media coverage reports following the release.

Press releases stand out as one of the most powerful ways for brands to convey their messages to the public in this era in which social media and search engines have turned into the center of news, new media initiatives have changed the media ecosystem's approaches, and even well-established printed publications have started to operate more and more in digital channels. As presented in the Digital News Report 2022 prepared by the Reuters Institute, at least one in four people start their news research from mobile applications and websites. And, the majority prefer social media, search results and mobile aggregators. Precisely for this reason, press releases strengthen their place among the frequently used tools in brand positioning and brand reputation development processes, just as they were years ago.

Before moving on to the answers to the question of how to distribute a press release, let's make an in-depth analysis of the press release concept, review who can distribute a press release, and list the overall benefits of press release distribution.

What is a press release?  

A press release is an announcement released by the companies to inform the public about significant and important developments. Press release contents are usually prepared by corporate communications and public relations departments of companies and forwarded to news agencies and media listings through public relations agencies and PR services. Thanks to the extensive distribution networks of news agencies, press releases reach hundreds of journalists at once and can be prioritized according to their newsworthiness, and can be featured in various digital media and then in print media on the same day. In this way, brands can reach their followers and their target public sectors with an organic content through media tools. 

Who can distribute press releases?  

While press release distribution is usually associated with corporations and large enterprises, today's digital technologies and new business models make it possible for businesses of all sizes and even individuals to distribute press releases. Although the distribution of press releases was generally monopolized by PR agencies in times when digitalization was not so widespread, today's possibilities makes it possible press release distribution to be offered as a service. For example, as B2Press Online PR Service, we offer a cost-effective, fast and agile pay-as-you-go model press release distribution model to make possible for businesses of all sizes to access press release distribution. SMEs, big businesses, startups seeking investment, and even influencers can distribute press releases under their own names through news agencies. 

How does a press release work?

Press releases are defined as editorial texts that are written according to journalistic principles and that can be easily used by the journalists. Press releases are prepared by a company or its PR service or agency and are served to the press through news agencies which are positioned as news distribution channels of countries and the media listings containing contact information of journalists from different categories. Press releases are evaluated by journalists and internet editors registered in these media listings or news agencies, and may be covered by the relevant media at the editor's or journalist's discretion. In order for the journalist or internet editor to use the press release without much intervention, the press release must be written in accordance with journalism principles and news writing rules. Therefore, it is very important to include introduction, body and conclusion paragraphs in press releases and to start with title alternatives and a spot text, and to choose sentence structures according to this flow.

What are the benefits of distributing press releases?

It is seen that the first modern examples of press releases, whose benefits include low cost, media visibility, brand reputation, were found in the early 1900s. 

-   Press releases are low-cost communication tools.

-   Press release brands improve search engine visibility.

-   Press releases make it easier to build consumer trust. 

How is the press release distributed?

Strategy, decision, action, outcome. The answer to the question “How is the press release distributed?” could be explained by the approach and conceptual framework behind many business processes. Requirements such as creating the right content, writing the press release in the right format, targeting the right media and country, and delivering the press release to the right journalists in the right way and at the right time make the strategy and decision-making processes the most important steps of the press release distribution operation. Of course, it is also important for brands that want to include press release distribution into their marketing communication processes to find the right business partner.

1. Determining the press release goals

The first step in developing a press release distribution strategy is to determine the expectation from the press release. A startup preparing for a new investment round, a corporate business preparing to announce an appointment, an entrepreneur who wants to increase the customer potential of an e-commerce-oriented small business, or a brand preparing to announce annual growth results and targeting B2B customers have to select different messages and have to increase the news' value by focusing on their chosen target audience.

To complete this step correctly, ask yourself the following question: "What do I want to achieve with this press release?" If you only aim for brand visibility, you need to choose a newsworthy topic, if you want to reinforce your leading position in the industry, you need to share your true ideas with carefully chosen words; if you are planning to publish a report that will shed light on sectoral data, you need to consider defining a format that will not cause journalists to get lost in the numbers. 

2. Identifying the target audiences and countries

Now it's time to set your distribution target. If you're a brand that only operates in the European market, it doesn't make much sense to distribute a press release in South America, does it? Or we can say that as a startup focused on logistics technologies, it doesn't seem very likely and meaningful that you're attracting the attention of sports journalists, right? It may not be a good idea to use consumer data in a newsletter that you intend to influence B2B customers... Decide which audience, which age group and which country market you want to reach and then you can complete this step successfully.

3. Choosing a reliable distribution partner

Similar to every sector, working with the right partner is important to get the results you expect in this field as well. Before the distribution of the press release, we recommend that you get information on which news agencies the PR agency and PR service you plan to work with use, which channels they have agreements with, which media lists and how many journalists will share your press release. If possible, inquire about the number of potential incidences, how many of these are printed and how many are digital media, and whether any guarantees are made in relation to the news portals that attract the most visitors.

If you have enough time, check out the news agencies, media listings and journalists that your agency or the PR service you are working with prefers to distribute press releases to. For example, a news agency that is mostly used by local media can make it difficult for your messages to be heard all around the country. If necessary, you can ask your press release distribution partner to customize the listings and to realize a more targeted release.

4. Evaluating the media coverage reports

This is the final step! You distributed the press release, waited at least a few days and you became convinced that the news had spread sufficiently. Now it is time to review the results of the press release distribution. Press release distribution services or PR agencies usually provide a report upon completion of the distribution process, listing the incidences in order of significance. Through this report, we recommend that you evaluate in detail on how many online channels your press release was covered and the share of the local media channels that have no visitors in the total number of incidences.

Meet the Online PR Service B2Press

Meet with B2Press, an Online PR Service that easily responds to the demands of its global customers with its wide press release distribution network, which you could choose in order to turn the strategy and actionable channels you have determined into results in accordance with your expectations. B2Press is able to deliver press releases written in 24 languages in more than 100 countries to the media of your desired market through the contracted news agencies in each of the countries.

The aspects that distinguish B2Press from traditional PR agencies are cost, speed, agility and editorial competence. B2Press, which operates based on a service model and presents a pay-as-you-go pricing feature, therefore enables a small business or an individual retailer to benefit from press release distribution services. The Online PR Service B2Press also offers a one-week media monitoring service in the country where it distributes the press releases and provides an important support on how to improve your press release distribution processes through realistic forecasts. Fill out the form on this page to benefit from B2Press' services and to discover B2Press press release distribution offers.

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