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Advertorials: The New Marketing Tactic

Advertorials: The New Marketing Tactic

“Advertorials” The new golden era for commercials.

As the online world keeps moving and growing rapidly, we as users are in constant exposure to many products and services that are promoted through multiple channels. As a result, consumers may be led to confusion if the message was not clear.

We notice now that the power has shifted to consumers. Referring to a study conducted by HubSpot on why consumers are avoiding ads, the study shows that 81% of people are closing browsers and exiting webpages because of pop up online ads. Based on the study and the statistics provided we conclude that audiences are more aware and selective, and its no longer easy to attract them, new mind sets have developed, and new deep perceptions has emerged.

Native ads or advertorials are on the horizon and ready to change the scene of marketing. Nowadays consumers perceive advertisements as dull, repetitive and do not require a great deal of attention. Conforming to the study 78% of people unsubscribe because too many emails were sent. So, writing an ad content that will exceed their expectations and draw their attention is not an easy task. Why is that? In this blog post, let's explore how to create a content that will appeal to users while at the same time keep its commercial print.

Advertorials lead the industry with its unobtrusive technique.

Consumers no longer wish to be told what to do, they want to engage, ask questions, and gain more knowledge. Therefore, its the role of the content creator to provide the consumer with organic conversations that can stimulate an attractive conception towards taking an action, leading to increase brand awareness, and ultimately sales goals.

Businesses used to think that ads are the only mean to obtain engagement with consumers. But that is in the past now. So, how can you craft a frolic piece of content but simultaneously is also an ad?

First let us illuminate that we dont suggest you call it off with ads rather we suggest that you craft it in a wiser way to guarantee an appealing call to action, thus you should focus on the giving mindset while creating your content, which means presenting valuable information to the consumers on how your product will be beneficial for them. We suggest you oblige to the 70-30% rule which states that the content should be 70% pure information and 30% should be a sales pitch

Although a huge amount of money is invested in ads there is still a daunting obstacle blocking the path of success hence audience are not taking actions.  Advertorials emerged as a popular way to sell products in print media, possibly as early as 1915. It has been developed in order to face the obstacle of consumers not taking actions. A good written native ads or advertorial contents strategically directs the readers and grabs their attention eventually leading them to take an action. This is what is called Call to Action”.

According to HubSpot in compression with ads that interrupts such as pop-ups it is evident that advertorial contents or native ads are the new consumer’s favorite. New methods and techniques such as advertorials must be factored and integrated with your marketing strategy in means to form a less intrusive content with unobtrusive formats.

Advertorial content and call to action

Advertorials are the new businesses favorite. It is the modern method for them to tell their story and attract readers. You want to be the giving type who offers consumers a striking content and somewhat blends ads into the editorial. No one minds a bit of ads when applying the 70% good content and 30% sales pitching and deal offering in the editorial. 

Advertorials seem to have gained credibility and trust more than regular ads, albeit brands pay for this content, people seem to enjoy reading them and they engage more because they appear as editorial content.

A good content provides useful information to the readers and help them increase knowledge and acquire new skills, its primary goal is to attract potential customers, convert them into actual customers, and increase their loyalty and awareness of your brand.

Improve your advertorial content in 4 steps

  1. Focus on benefits, not features.

It all depends on the needs and desires of the consumers. The method of writing a successful and effective advertorial content depends mainly on providing what the user wants. People usually tend to be attracted to the product which helps them in their life or help them solve their problems. So, writing your content in a compelling way, explaining how your product can help them meet their needs and help in bringing benefits to them is your key start in crafting your content. 

  1. Creating a sense of loss

The lost-feeling strategy is one of the most used methods in writing a compelling content. People are in constant fear of losingaccess to something that they will no longer be able to get after a certain period of time, and thus they are more likely to click on your site.

  1. Use emotions

Contents which speak to feelings or try to influence/push consumers to make decisions are likely to get more traffic since people usually get attracted to such content.

  1. Tell a story

Marketers should always focus on telling a story out of advertorials rather than just pitching a sale. They should focus on making readers feel something via storytelling. All kind of emotions should be tapped and you shouldn’t hesitate to use them whether it was anger, frustration or amusement you should integrate them throughout your content

if you have ever wondered how business get an action from a reader, now you have the answer.

Editorial vs Advertorial: What is the difference?

While roaming in the web you might have come across blogs, articles or in general a written content which is strictly intended to educate, entertain or provide pure information that comes in handy for readers and has 0% attempt to sell any kind of products or services. It is the inverse of content advertisement. So, if you want to create a voice for your brand and build a connection with your possible clients, editorial content is your go to plan. 

As for advertisement it is sometimes hard to give a clear-cut in order to distinguish between it and between editorial content due to new techniques such as advertorials which is a word driven from advertisement and editorial. This term appeared to help business in crafting an authentic content in order to increase sales and gain loyal clients. Content advertisement is out of the bat a selling pitch.

As we stated before that ads market is changing and thus consumers’ habits, expectations and desires are also shifting. In order to portray sufficient ads, you have to be diligent and pour more effort in aim to achieve the desired out come in integrating your potential clients.

The modern digital world has made it possible for writers to mix between two types of content at once advertisement and editorial forming what is called advertorial which is commercial content but written and designed in an informative editorial way. You can now make use of affiliate links to make some profit while at the same time keeping your print as a writer and express your own thoughts independently from specific brands. 

From billboards to emails in our inbox and even our social media we are in enduring encounter with ads everywhere and every time. The ubiquity of ads caused low interest and responsiveness in traditional methods of advertisement

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