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Online Press Release Distribution Service in Turkey

Online Press Release Distribution Service in Turkey

A press release is a short but compelling document that presents a newsworthy story. Once created, PR agencies or services distribute it to different channels for public viewing. 

Your press release is more than just an announcement or press statement; is your way to invite them to find out more about the message you want to share. However, issuing a press release doesn't necessarily mean the media will automatically deal with it. You need to make sure your press release is compelling enough to spark interest.

Press releases are used to share and communicate important company news or announcements, for example:

  • Starting a business
  • Launch of new products or services
  • New partnerships
  • Publication of results or statistics
  • Awards won
  • Events
  • Hiring a high-level executive

If on the one hand there is no limit to the topics to be dealt with in the press releases, nevertheless it is necessary to disclose noteworthy news, which arouse interest and curiosity in users. If you don't have anything relevant to communicate, a press release won't help you.

You must first think about the ROI, the return on investment: what will you earn - not only in economic terms, but also and above all in terms of popularity, visibility, credibility, authority - sending and disseminating a press release?

Who provides the distribution service in Turkey?

  1. PR Agencies

PR agencies in Turkey work for create the right message for the right audience in the right way with a sophisticated PR approach. Their purpose is to grab attention and inspire action with highly searchable, shareable, and authoritative content. They know the true impact of earned, owned, paid and shared media and its contribution to the achievement of business objectives. The Public Relations Society of America defines public relations management as: anticipating, analyzing and interpreting public opinion, attitudes and issues that may affect, for better or for worse, the operations and plans of the organization. 

Even though they are performing such an important task, PR agencies may not be able to adapt to the dynamic and flexible spirit of the time at some points, as they offer this service over monthly fees. For this reason, companies feel more comfortable with the pay-per-service model of B2Press. This model gives companies a great advantage in cost management. This comfort and flexibility increase the preference of B2Press. 

  1. News Agencies

News agencies are also one of the channels to distribute press releases, but you can only get Turkish service from news agencies in Turkey. They do not provide service in a foreign language. This is where B2Press feels its advantage, because B2Press can prepare newsworthy and SEO-friendly press releases not only in Turkish but in 23 different languages and distribute them in more than 30 countries.

In the digital age, agencies and corporate communication professionals are forced to reinvent themselves daily. More than that, they have to bring together several skills such as:

  • Strategic intelligence and vision
  • Experiences in various market sectors
  • Knowledge of best practices in corporate communication
  • Training to generate relevant content
  • Mastery of all communication services and tools    
  • Ability to interact with stakeholders
  • Multidisciplinary profile
  • Knowledge of methodologies and tools for monitoring and analysis
  • Proactivity and agility to anticipate or react to changes
  • Knowledge to prevent and manage crises
  • Ethics and transparency

B2Press, the leading press release distribution service, which has been operating since 2016, aims to strengthen the image and reputation of brands while developing special strategies for all its customers, regardless of person, institution, organization or NGO. Working with teams of experts in developing newsworthy and SEO compatible contents, B2Press distributes end-to-end through Turkey's official news agency DHA. The final decision regarding the inclusion of the content shared as a press release belongs to the members of the press. However, as per the content agreement, each press release package includes a guarantee of coverage. For more information, you can review our press release packages for Turkey.

5 issues to consider when distributing press releases in Turkey

  1. PR services in Turkey should be able to produce content in Turkish and determine personalized distribution strategies according to the locality. B2Press adapted its success in sending Turkish press releases to different languages, and achieved a global success by meeting the local requirements of each country and language.
  2. It should be aimed to increase the visibility in search engines with press releases that include SEO-compatible keywords.
  3. With advanced reporting systems, a detailed report and strategic insight should be prepared by supporting the coverage of the press release in both online and offline channels with tables and graphics.
  4. Your distribution strategy must take into account the reality of the media world. Journalists only write a limited number of articles per week, so you will need to make sure your press release is one of them.
  5. The first mistake to avoid when distributing your press release is wanting to share it with as many people as possible. While it may seem logical to reach a wider audience, it is not always relevant when it comes to business communication. Indeed, not everyone will be interested in your story. Therefore, you will have to target the media in your niche, that is, those who have already written about your topic or sector of activity.

Press release distribution methods 

In B2Press PR packages, for example by using the service in Turkey, press releases are prepared in Turkish by an experienced team and distributed through segmented media lists and the news agency DHA (Demirören News Agency). This entire service is managed with a pay-as-you-go business model. Thus, unnecessary costs are avoided.

Press releases are first sent through the media database by B2Press. It is then distributed through news agencies. Thus, press releases transmitted to websites, newspapers, magazines and other platforms reach a large part of the media.

B2Press, which provides press release writing, distribution, monitoring and reporting services in 23 different languages and more than 30 countries, has a list of journalists specific to each country for its customers. Thanks to these lists, which are constantly updated and expanded, B2Press can reach more than 300,000 journalists around the world. Your press releases are sent by the B2Press distribution team to the journalists who are categorized according to their respective fields specific to your industry. In addition, it provides the distribution of your press release with the news agencies, which are the most important news source of the press.

You certainly already know how important public relations are for your brand image. Once you have a concise yet powerful press release, all that is left to do is share it with your target audience. Leave it to the experts, choose the package that best suits your needs, and contact us if you have any questions.

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