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How to write an effective press release for a product launch [with examples]

How to write an effective press release for a product launch [with examples]

Before answering the question of how to write a press release for a product, it is necessary to briefly mention why companies want to prepare a press release for the launching a new product. Whoever has a business is always thinking of a way to make it grow. To this end, the launch of new products is a strategy that aims to meet new customer needs and win more slices of the current market or even other markets. The marketing plan for launching a new product is a structured way of clarifying details about how a company intends to achieve its objectives in relation to that launch.

When a company launches a new product, it is important to convey the information to consumers, investors and other stakeholders. A press release about a new product or service can create a brand buzz and boost sales

10 essential steps to write a killer press release for a product

  1. Press release for a product should be newsworthy, well written, legible, grammatically correct and easy to understand. These are basic essentials for the press release to be published by the editorial offices. 

  2. When creating a product launch press release, you should only include information that is of value to the company and the public. You would not want to spread exaggerated and unrealistic information about the product, as this can greatly affect your company's reputation.

  3. An effective press release for a product should cover the features of the product that stand out from its competitors, the key points that will make life easier in its use and the company's innovative vision.

  4. The press release for a product should not contain technical jargon. By adding numerical data such as date and time, price, size, etc., also specific features of products and services, you should describe the outline with an easy-to-understand language.

  5. It would be best to target journalists who are interested in your topic so make sure they are experts in their field and know what you are talking about. A journalist who specializes in the food industry is significantly more interested in an article in this field than in arts and crafts.

  6. A good press release should have an informative structure that follows the “5W1H(who, what, when, where, why and how) rule. 

  7. The timing of the press releases is very important. The news must be relevant and new, should not be shared neither long before the product is put on the market, nor after the product has been put on the market and this news has already been spread. 

  8. Good headlines are in all their glory, but do not forget to add high-resolution professional pictures of the products. A good image often catches the eye of the recipient. Feel free to also link to the press room on the company's website - here you can collect more pictures, texts about the owner, board and company, logos and previous press releases.

  9. Be careful with superlatives! "The most beautiful resort in the beautiful Mediterranean offers the best wellness service and the most magical vacation that will delight even the most demanding guests." Delete a sentence like this immediately. If you cannot "prove" assertive statements, you will only create distrust.

  10. The press release should be written clearly and simply. The reader should not have to guess what it says. It is also important to write in the third person, i.e., avoid we-form or I-form. The text should be neutral and not "advert" in any way. Imagine that the journalist should be able to copy the text straight off. The more you make it easier for the journalist, the greater the chance that your news will be published.

New product press release examples

Press releases are the most basic means of disseminating information in PR activities. Build your press release with an eye-catching headline, a complete summary, a detailed body text, an accurate company presentation, but also photos, quotes and statistics. Do not forget contact information for the people to be contacted, also the website and social networks of the company.

In any case, in order for your press release to really reach out and gain maximum visibility, you need to invest in copywriting.

These are some examples about how to write a press release for a product: 

  • Headline example:

Cooking is now 5 times faster with the SIMON X 2 pressure cooker.”

  • Sub-headline example: 

When the headline is like this:

"CPW Press launches a new novel about Nikola Tesla"

The first sentence (sub-headline) might look like: 

"CPW Press, Ltd., on Friday, April 30th 2021 launches its first biographical book about Nikola Tesla, by the famous author James Walter".

This expands the title enough to add some detail and make the reader delve deeper into the story. The following sentences should expand the content of the first.

  • Contact information example: 

At the bottom of the press release, you should provide contact information for a company officer who may answer additional questions about the new product. For example, "If you want to learn more about it, call our public relations department at (555) 5555555.”

Product launch press release examples:

  1. Apple’s press release for AirTag, which will be released on April 30, 2021. AirTag will prevent important objects from being lost by attaching them and will work in coordination with the Find My app.


  1. On March 11, 2021, Samsung released its new 4-door refrigerator 4-Door Flex, equipped with sensitive and smart technologies.


  1. With this press release, IKEA introduced its new food product “plant ball” to be on the menu of its restaurants.


Product launch press release template

It is important that you learn how to write press releases, as this will allow you to communicate essential news to interested parties. It is very likely that wherever you send your press release, they already have dozens of similar press releases and are ready to throw them out. If you want your press release to be selected, it has to be good, newsworthy and very "ready to publish". 

As a press release is one of the most effective tools that companies use to communicate with the public, it must be created by individuals with good communication and public relations skills. A good press release, in most cases, provokes positive feedback. 

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