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Why is media monitoring important for your brand?

Why is media monitoring important for your brand?

Media monitoring service has also entered a new period in this era during which every business is conducted through digital environments. We will focus on the delicacies and advantages of media monitoring in this blog post.

What is media monitoring?

Media monitoring is the regular check of brands' news coverage in the media through keywords with the help of certain technological tools. This service is not only used to track the brand news but also used to keep up with the competitor brands. Media monitoring services used to be carried out in the old school way: by cutting the brand news that was in newspapers and magazines (news clippings), and recording TV and radio broadcasts. However, it is now done more systematically and has certain technological processes. The number of platforms and channels to be tracked has considerably increased nowadays, especially due to the rise of online media. As such, the companies' need for media monitoring services has increased compared to the past, though the search engines on the internet help access more news.

How to monitor media?

Media monitoring; it can either be carried out per press release for the brand or in a way to cover all the brand news in the media for the most part. During the media monitoring carried out for the press releases, the channels which covered the news are tracked. Knowing about the channels in advance, and the keywords are significant factors in order not to miss any news. The brand ambassador or brand name can be keywords. There may certainly be not only the news that has been disclosed to the press but also the content that the press organically made the news. General keyword searching via the brand name is necessary at this point. 

After scanning newspapers and magazines for print media, relevant news is found and collected. Regular online media monitoring service is a necessity as it isn't possible to access all the news on online websites through Google. Social networks provide instant information flow; consumers have a much more active role compared to the past and talk more about brands. All of these factors require brands to pay attention and actively listen to the digital world ceaselessly. Cutting edge digital systems are also available for monitoring news in all these channels. As a matter of fact, all printed, online and visual media channels are scanned daily, and the output is saved in the cloud in online media monitoring systems. Once again, you can search for news by keywords through its dynamics. You can have complete access to the intended news through these systems. 

What is a media analysis report?

The media report is a report formed as a result of evaluating the news coverage through media monitoring. The report covers communication data such as the printed publication circulation, the visitor number on online news websites and the rating & advertising equivalents on TV channels. All quantitative analysis of the interaction as well as how long the news stays on the news websites' home page is given a place in other media analysis reports. So, the impact of the news becomes visible through the report. Moreover, the total number of coverage, the images of each news and the website link (clippings) are included in the report. The media report gives a chance to see the news spread as well. You can separately access national, local or global news and check how many coverage you have.

What is the significance of media monitoring service?

Media monitoring is a challenging area that brands cannot handle on their own for it has its own process and details. There is a need for support since media monitoring demands a comprehensive and busy scheduled process. In addition to the agencies that are specialized in handling the media monitoring, PR agencies offer this as a service to their customers as well. Getting media monitoring services means that the brands have access to the news about themselves, their managers' or their competitors' news through a single channel. The “media analysis report” shows all the results accessed through media monitoring.

They can earn trust by sharing the brand news they got through media monitoring service with their target audience for the sake of the brand reputation as well. Brand perception is also improved through the “Newsroom” section of the brands' own websites. They efficiently use the positive perception created by covered in the media. Another reason to choose this service is the possibility to know the bad news so that you can take action accordingly. Considering its advantages, getting a media monitoring service helps you shine among your competitors. 

Have media analysis reports about your brand and competitors!

Operating as Europe's first online PR service with the HuaaS model, B2Press provides media monitoring and reporting service as well as press release writing & distribution, special news and interviews with special PR packages. Managing your media coverage process end-to-end elaborately, B2Press delivers this service with a detailed media monitoring and media analysis report in the end. 

Not only as the inclusive of the press release distribution service, but you will also assess your brand and your competitors' performance through regular quarterly, semi-annual and annual media analysis reports. Find all the details and prices of the media analysis report service offered by B2Press here.

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