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Why should you create an online newsroom on your website?

Why should you create an online newsroom on your website?

Gaining coverage in the media has historically been important for brands in the eyes of both the press and the target audience. However, this news should be reached through a single channel to have a permanent influence. This channel is called “Newsroom” on your website, which offers an information platform to your prospects and investors who would like to know more about your organization. Not only does creating an online newsroom help online branding, but it also helps potential customers who want to know what your brand is up to.

What is a newsroom?

A newsroom, which is sometimes used as a media kit, refers to a guiding page incorporating all corporate information and news coverage of a brand. The newsroom serves as an introduction page, especially for journalists, ensuring that the target audience trusts and chooses the brand. Information used in press releases such as your brand's biography and e-mail addresses of the corporate communication team are also included in the newsroom. This section serves as an identity card of your brand. It also incorporates previous press releases and visuals. In addition to published public statements or press releases, news clippings, screenshots and links of news websites are available for review. The more up-to-date news coverage on national media is included on the newsroom page, the more positive image a brand gives. Newsroom pages must have up-to-date and detailed content to be effective. It is also important how to use the contents to be included are correctly implemented and attract attention.

How to create a newsroom page?

Digital systems have enabled us to conduct business more easily and faster in almost every field of life. Thanks to an online newsroom, journalists will easily find answers to their questions on your brand. Creating an online newsroom with constantly updated and attractive content plays an effective role in attracting potential investors and prospects because it is proof that the brand has high visibility and an improved image. A professional touch to your online newsroom page is a must to stand out from the competitors as it is very often used.

   1) You need to first add a subpage on your website under “Media”, “About Us”, “Press” or “Media Coverage” pages to create a newsroom.

   2) Then, you need to upload your press releases regularly on this subpage.

   3) You also need to add news clippings or links of the news sites that covered your brand to this page. Using the logo of the newspaper, magazine, news site, or TV channel that covered your organization will attract more attention.

   4) If your newsroom has an infrastructure with a month and year filtering option, your visitors will make use of your website more easily.

   5) Your newsroom page may also include corporate news within the scope of internal communication. This news does not necessarily have to be distributed to the press.

   6) If you don't want to create your newsroom as a subpage, you may create a small section on your landing page and embed news links on the logos of media channels that covered your organization. This will attract more attention to your landing page visitors.

How to write press releases for your newsroom?

Press releases that will be visible on your online newsroom should be prepared to attract the viewers' attention and contain information that is likely to be reached. Because the distributed press releases are the key to being covered as a result of your PR activities. For example, statistics and awards that should be included on the newsroom page should also be covered on the media to boost your brand's perception. Newsrooms are frequently visited by journalists, so that the press releases should be clear about how the media cover the brand. Therefore the published press releases are precious. Writing and distributing an effective press release are the two major background elements of your covered news. Results of distributing newsworthy press releases through your PR activities would be satisfactory. Being covered on the prestigious media channels with a high level of interaction is always a plus for your brand. Therefore, getting professional support for the PR activities being a building stone for your newsroom is the right thing to do.

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