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What is Content Seeding?

What is Content Seeding?

Known by few, content seeding is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies nowadays brands pay attention. In a nutshell, content seeding can be described as distributing or scattering a content across multiple platforms, such as online news sites, blogs, social networks and an account of an influencer. Brands use content seeding to promote a product or a service, increase brand awareness, reach their target audience and generate leads.

Content seeding allows brands to circulate the content about their company or product through the channels where the target groups can easily see it, read it or interact with it. One of the reason for the success of content seeding is that the information received from influencers or partners is relevant to the target audience. As it is not written with an advertising or promotional approach, content seeding also plays a vital role in increasing brand reputation and image among the target audience.

In order to conduct a successful and effective content seeding campaign, it is crucial to implement a well-structured strategic approach.

How to use content seeding in PR activities?

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, brands use content seeding to make their content viral. They scatter the content, which can be a video, an article or an infographic to social media influencers, blogs, forums, websites, journalists, editors and media outlets. The spread of the content can take two forms; organic and inorganic.

Inorganic methods involve the distribution of the content on the internet with sponsorships, advertising and making collaborations. Organic methods, on the other hand, are based on reaching the target audience with SEO, strong message and a well-planned strategy. Thanks to this, organic methods are much more effective in terms of both spreading the content naturally and being permanent on the internet. At this point, press releases shine as the most effective and powerful type of content for brands that want to conduct their content seeding campaign organically.

The effect of press releases on content seeding

Content seeding also forms the basis of Online PR, which means conducting PR activities in the digital environment. Online PR includes communication studies that enables brands to be visible on the online media channels. The primary goal of online PR is to be visible on the internet and reach the target audience on search engines. Moreover, the image and reputation of a brand increases when there is more information and news are provided on online media. The way to gain visibility on the online media is through SEO-friendly press release, which is the golden key of an organic content seeding strategy.

The following points will help you shape and set up the high quality content seeding campaign:

1) Build Your Networking: Essential to note that the wholesome marketing strategy is based on the proper network. Have you ever mentioned that digital marketers and people in the industry generally know each other? Now you know why.

2) Targeting: Successful campaign design will require you to define your target group as accurately as possible. Thoroughly analyze your company's database and thereby this will bring you closer to understanding of your audience. Think about whether your vision of the client matches his real portrait. Don't be lazy and do a little media research in search engines regarding your goals matching.

3) Content Creation: After completing the first step, you will already have important information and the puzzle will begin to take shape - you will have a plan of action. It's time to write content itself. Think about where to spread your message, how easy it is to percept the text or picture. Try to look at the content through the eyes of your prospective client: what will be his reaction and will he want to share new knowledge?

Finding distribution channels: Target group and piece of content you have created will give a clearer understanding of the distribution channels. Keep up with current events, industry experts and media events relevant to your specifics, so you can get on the agenda and present your original content in the best possible light. Set up alerts for specific industry keywords and connect to various blogs to be updated on topics useful to your business.

4) Call to action: Make sure your offer has some value to the influencer. Why should your content be chosen for distribution? How will this benefit the blogger or platform? Emphasize how your great content or product fits the blogger's niche. Make sure the potential blogger or platform is product and business related. Highlight your experience and quality of work.

5) The result needs control and analysis: Are you seeing a sharp increase in traffic from seeding? Was it easy to connect with the influencer? Did you accurately identify the target audience and did your message get to them? Has your content spread outside your network and reached people you would never have otherwise reached?

6) Maintain your contacts network: At the end of a successful content seeding campaign, keep on building your network, let it become a good habit. If you have established relationships with influential people, make sure you connect with them.

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