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How to Use PR In the E-commerce Industry?

How to Use PR In the E-commerce Industry?

Thanks to the advancement of technology and the rapid digitalization of the retail industry, e-commerce has become an industry we hear about often recently. PR activities, which can be regarded as a significant part of digital marketing activities, contribute to brand awareness in e-commerce entities as well as in many organizations from personal brands to corporate companies vastly. Conducting an effective PR campaign involves different steps such as press release services, special news, interviews and media monitoring. Let’s take a closer look at the impact and importance of new generation digital PR activities for e-commerce sites and companies.

What does a PR activity mean?

Undoubtedly as one of the most effective ways to increase brand awareness and perception in e-commerce, PR activities include planned media relations services carried out to be visible in the press and to have a reliable image in the eyes of the target audience in a fast-paced industry such as e-commerce. Therefore, in the e-commerce industry, as in every field, carrying out PR activities help strengthen brand perception in the eyes of the press, and stand out with high visibility and media coverage.

Why is it important to be visible among the target audience for e-commerce?

Let’s freshen up our memories quickly - we know that e-commerce refers to making all the payments, shipping, selling and advertisements of goods or services using the internet. We can briefly define it as ‘starting an online store’ and shopping online. E-commerce systems aim to deliver goods and services to customers as quickly as possible and ensure a high level of security in purchasing processes. It is also a method preferred by both brands and individual consumers. With many options allowing us to make even grocery shopping online, the escalation of the competition environment is inevitable. Thus, this significantly increases the value of online visibility in the target audience’s eyes.

At this point, being visible only with “paid” methods is not enough for e-commerce sites. Consumers are more sensitive and conscious than ever before. That’s why we need to pay attention to the difference between advertising and organic traffic as much as possible. Consumers search every product they see in a physical store on Google, compare prices between online shopping sites, and most importantly, read reviews of other users. Therefore, reliability becomes the most important issue for consumers. In a such a search, when a consumer wants to collect information about your e-commerce company, they can coincide with a senior official’s statements about your brand or read your sectoral news in publications such as NTV, Webrazzi, Hürriyet, etc. This helps increase awareness and create a trust for your brand over time. Thus, your brand takes the first step of the ‘Content Seeding’ process.

How do PR activities contribute to e-commerce companies?

E-commerce entities are dynamic systems that run like clockwork. Promoting this mechanism effectively is necessary to have visibility in the target audience’s eyes. Having too many options makes the competition intense. Thus, conducting PR activities is very important to step forth in an environment like this.

First, you need to determine which industry or target consumer group you are addressing. Then, it would be best if you prepare a detailed strategy for the progress of the PR campaign. Promoting your brand well and reaching the right target audience with the right message will bring many long-term benefits to your company.

On the other hand, today, people search for goods and services on Google and similar search engines before purchasing anything, thus moving the PR activities to digital. All transactions in e-commerce are carried out online, so it is inevitable to focus on online PR in this field. At this point, the first condition for reaching your potential customers is to be present on the online media. Getting media coverage strengthens the brand perception and chances of being preferred.

Carrying out PR activities with professional steps is necessary for getting media coverage. You can learn the details of these steps in our article titled “Follow these 4 steps to get media coverage!”. However, we will continue to mention some of them below.

Does getting media coverage support the SEO practices of e-commerce sites?

Writing press releases, sending them to journalists via media lists and news agencies, and media monitoring are the building blocks of PR operations. 

  • Writing an SEO-friendly press release for e-commerce is the best option to rank high in search engines.
  • Creating a brand language before writing a SEO-friendly press release and maintaining that language consistently enhances the brand perception in the target audience’s eyes. Therefore, you should clearly define your purpose and the communication strategy you will follow.
  • On the other hand, you need to determine the right channels for the press release distribution service and follow a result-oriented communication strategy.
  • In the press release, you should clearly express the messages you want to give and adopt it as a regular form of communication.
  • Distributing press releases via media lists and especially news agencies is vital to receive widespread coverage. The more targeted the distribution is, the more channels the news will be covered.
  • Having up-to-date and active e-mail addresses on your media lists is significant in terms of distributing your press release to media as much as possible and increasing the efficiency of the work.

Who can help you with your PR activities?

PR activities are one of the most effective ways to stand out and increase brand awareness in the e-commerce sector, one of the most competitive sectors. Identifying the right target audience, creating a brand language, carrying out communication strategies suitable for the catchy elements for the target audience, and planning the press release processes step by step are necessary elements of an effective PR campaign.

All of the above require professional qualifications. At first, traditional PR agencies may look like a good option to meet this need. But with their monthly fixed subscriptions, binding contracts, and high costs, they are often compelling. Offering all the services you have come to expect from a traditional PR agency as a service, B2Press Online PR Service not only provides cost-advantage with its “pay as you go” business model but also guidance through all your PR operations. 

Providing Online PR services including writing, distributing, and reporting processes of press releases in 23 languages in more than 30 countries with its communication experts and the editorial team consisting of senior journalists, B2Press helps you add value to your brand with competitor analysis and advertorials.

If you want to hit the headlines in the e-commerce sector with communication channels that fit the dynamics of the digital age and be ahead of your competitors by increasing your visibility in the press, contact B2Press by filling out the request form!

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