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Follow These 4 Steps to Get Media Coverage!

Follow These 4 Steps to Get Media Coverage!

Today, getting media coverage has become vital in terms of high visibility and brand image. Thus, a newsworthy press release written by a journalist is one of the most accurate and effective methods. Our blog post provides the answer to the question "How to get media coverage?" to be used in personal PR or brand communication activities in 4 steps.

In order to get media coverage, a press release on a newsworthy subject is written and distributed to many national, local and related sectoral media channels such as the internet, newspapers and magazines. If the press release is in accordance with the priority of the current agenda and can grab the attention of journalists, it can be published as news. This process, called press communication, has its own variables and dynamics. If you want to conduct such a professional media relation process and get widespread media coverage, you should take a look at the 4 steps you need to follow:

1.Determine the subject that can be deemed as newsworthy, provide a detailed brief

Two essential steps for preparing a remarkable and effective press release is to identify a striking subject and to provide the correct brief. A powerful and newsworthy topic will pave the way to get media coverage. And the brief will act as a roadmap for the press release. You should explain the newsworthy subject thoroughly and specify every detail to be mentioned in the news. The brief will guide the editors and therefore increases the impact of press releases. If you want to learn more about how to give a brief correctly, make sure to browse our blog titled “How to create a press release brief?".

2.Effective press release writing

Press releases are keys for being visible in the press and getting media coverage. They are prepared with the aim of strengthening the image and reputation of the brand or person, and also, improving the existing brand perception. The fact that the press release is written strikingly is of great importance for the journalists to cover. Every detail to be mentioned in the press release should be given in order of priority, and if any, the relevant figures and data should be conveyed in full. It is also necessary to write an SEO-friendly press release to be able to appear in search engines about the products and services owned. The article must be prepared by professional editors as the tone and writing style gives the news its value as well as the content. The subject of the news should be carefully covered in the press release. An effective press release writing allows your news to take place heavily in all channels and to become a news in the media. If you want to write a press release, read our “How to write a press release?” content.

3.Distribute the press release via news agencies

The press release distribution is the most important step to get media coverage; It should be prepared meticulously, and the right media members and channels should be selected according to the industry. First, a press release is distributed through the media database (media/journalist lists) in order to reach large audiences. Media lists are a key point in the distribution process. Distribution lists should consist of the most up-to-date and actively used addresses. You have to make sure that the sent press release reached the journalist. The most important thing in news distribution is not to leave your possibility of getting media coverage to the fate of the media lists.

Media databases ensure that the press release reaches the mailbox of the journalist who receives hundreds of emails every day. However, this method is quite outdated and unfortunately, ineffective. Besides, it is most valuable when you allow your news agencies to distribute your press release. This ensures that your content is sent to all local and national subscribers of the news agency. B2Press is here to help you immensely at this point. Remember: Press release distributed via news agencies will be more visible in the press. Thus, the press release distributed to the internet, newspapers, magazines and other mediums will reach the majority of the media.

4.Monitor media to see the coverage of your news

Following the press release distribution, the news in the media should be followed carefully. This is the point where the preparation and distribution of a press release pay off. All print and online media coverage are collected and analyzed. How the news takes place in each medium can be monitored clearly through media monitoring and reporting. In the report, data such as the advertising equivalent of the news, how long it stayed on the homepage, how many hits it got, will also be available. The coverage report is prepared without missing any news in the media; therefore, the echo of the press release becomes visible.

You don't need big budgets to be visible in the press!

Every step in this process, we have just described, constitutes a cost on its own. The writing, distribution, monitoring and reporting of the press release are the steps that require separate budget and operation. However, you can get all of these services safely as a single PR package from an experienced team. B2Press is an online PR service that will take these steps on your behalf professionally and in a result-oriented manner.

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