What is an online press release?

What is an online press release?

Online press release is the quickest and most widely used communication tool that contributes to the image and reputation of companies and, individuals or projects and increases their online reach by establishing relations with the media regularly.

Why should organizations distribute online press releases?

A strong discourse and a story maintain the public profile of a company. Creating newsworthy content by compiling a product or a service within news values directly increases the brand value of a company among the target audience. At this point, examining the concept of “newsjacking,” which was shortlisted as one of the words of the year by Oxford Dictionary in 2017, will give a new perspective. Newsjacking is benefiting from a trending and popular news story to maximize media coverage. When it is done right, it has a lot of benefits on content marketing strategies such as improving brand reputation, driving highly targeted traffic and boosting SEO, attracting new customers, sharing a new angle for branded content ideas, leading a market in thought leadership.

An online press release is an important public relations tool to help companies announce news about themselves, products or their services. Within the scope of the “two-step flow of communication theory,” you can increase your awareness and credibility among the members of the press by distributing newsworthy content that may attract the readers’ attention. This enables you to be visible in the media, increase your online reach and boost your marketing strategies. In addition to contributing to media relations, a well-prepared and written press release offers many advantages for the institutions. It creates a perception of the institution and reflects the corporate culture to the public.

Online press releases, special news and interviews are essential methods in a process where it is crucial for institutions to reach their target audiences at the right time and in the right place. While online press releases are similar to the traditional press releases that we are familiar with in terms of design and content, they differ in terms of search engine optimization and the media it focuses on. This difference derives from the fact that online press releases specifically prioritize digital platforms. Nowadays, people spend more time on the internet to keep up with the world agenda and follow the news. As a result of this, the preferred media to reaching news is shifting to digital from traditional.

According to the Reuters Journalism Research Institute of Oxford University, online publications rank first with %87 among the most preferred media as a news source by the internet user in Turkey. Online press releases in digital media constantly boost the reputation and digital assets of the companies because they remain visible permanently on search engines and websites. It also positively affects the brand value by coming across to the consumers and target groups across all search engines. This whole process makes the importance of online press releases in the field of communication inevitable.

Writing an Online Press Release

The concept of an online press release is not new and entirely different from the traditional press releases. The rules of writing and the 5W1H rule that apply to press releases published in printed media also apply to online press releases. The main difference is that they are written according to the algorithms of search engines such as Google. These rules and algorithms also differ for each brand.

Whatever topic the press release is about, using the most striking information in the headline is essential. Including remarkable statements will make your press release stand out from other releases. Numerical data are the prominent elements that will quickly get the readers’ attention and maximize the exposure of a press release. You must provide all the important information about the press release (5W1H) in the first paragraph. You can share the details in the subsections of the press release. In terms of content hierarchy, the flow of a press release is like a reverse pyramid. There should be absolutely no typographical errors in the press release. Errors may affect journalists’ and editors’ opinions about whether to publish the press release or not. Date and contact information must be included in the press release. Editors and publishers should be able to see the channels they can reach you for more information. You should send visuals about the news or the subject you are sharing. The published rate of news content with a visual is 45% higher than a content without an image. The length of the press release should not exceed 3 paragraphs and you should share the important details on one page. Please read our “How to write a press release” blogpost for more information.

Distributing an Online Press Release

Online press releases have an important place in PR strategies. In the press release distribution process, first, a newsworthy content according to 5W1H is prepared. After experienced editors or copywriters prepare the content, the press releases are sent to the segmented media lists and journalists. It gets published on news websites. Your press release must be written in an appropriate news language. You should choose the editors carefully who you will send the press release. Sending the press release to the relevant editors will increase the likelihood of the press release to be published.

Benefits of Online Press Release

1) Online press releases have a dynamic, user-friendly and economic structure that offers the services provided by PR agencies online. Through its press communication service, it continually improves its image and reputation of a brand by taking part in online channels.

2) Enables you to be visible in the most appropriate online channels for your audience. It keeps you in constant contact with news agencies and helps you meet the end-user.

3) The online press release enables you to benefit from the economic advantages of digital platforms by offering low-cost solutions or packages.

4) You can increase your visibility in search engines with SEO-friendly press releases. Your press release can be accessed even if it was published years ago. Thanks to your published news, you can come across whenever your customers need you.

5) It provides the opportunity to develop marketing strategies by analyzing advanced reporting systems. A detailed report supported with tables and graphics is prepared with all the online media coverage included.

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