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How do you write a press release for a crisis?

How do you write a press release for a crisis?

Unexpected. Threatening. Negative. Yep, we are talking about a crisis. As an endless amount of information is traveling around the world in the speed of light, we are only one click away from facing a disaster. With the birth of world wide web and social media, news platforms have exponentially grown. Not only did large networks create different sub-channels, each one of us has become a source of information thanks to our mobile phones. From the field, always live and fresh. Boom! The news is everywhere. However, there is a small detail that should not be ignored: The source or accuracy of the information may be uncertain. This paves the way for potential crises.

Why is it necessary to prepare a press release for a crisis?

Crises are tense situations that can arise suddenly and threaten your entire reputation, if not managed well. Whether you are a well-known company or a start-up, you are likely to encounter unexpected situations that can turn into a crisis. In fact, by running a poor communication strategy, the crisis may tend to widen. Therefore, planning and team building is one thing, communication is another! 

We never wish you to have to use it, but to run effective crisis communication, a press release that addresses the situation in the best interest of all stakeholders can be lifesaving. Here you will find a mini guide on how to write your own press release during an emergency.

  1. Identify your primary target audience

The aim of a press release is basically to inform journalists to spread the latest news. Here in a crisis, your main target should be the people most affected by the situation before the journalists. Think about who has hurt the most and what their situation is right now. 

  1. Define the situation

In fact, no one expected a disaster to happen, but it did. So, clearly run through the timeline, and highlight the key incidents. Review the key circumstances affecting the target groups. 

  1. Prepare an outline

Think of this is as a preparatory phase. You have a lot of inside and outside information but you have to decide which is more crucial and informative to the audience. Mention specific details about your emergency plan. Prefer a polite and empathetic tone of voice. Be sure to give quotes from your senior managers or an expert. It will make your statement more honest and show your sincerity as a solution provider.

  1. Write your press release

In our previousblog post, we listed the key points on how to write a press release. Still, it would be nice to briefly summarize that flow. First, your headline should be a condensed version of your story. “5W1H” questions must be answered in your first paragraph. Position it as a complete summary of the incident. In the body paragraphs, provide detailsed information about the status of the incident. Prefer quotations to reflect the atmosphere of all parties. At the end, as a final note, summarize everything with your action to take.

What are the key goals of PR during a crisis?

To sustain your brand reputation, you must be in control of the information floating around. Whether it is a local or a global incident, a well-outlined press release serviced to digital platforms will help you manage fake news and clear up questions that arise. At this point, online PR is turns digital media into an opportunity for communication. To act in a fast and structured way, online PR agencies will help you manage the crisis. 

As B2Press | Online PR Service, we provide PR as a service. To create a unique content that meets your expectations, our team of experienced PR specialists and editors prepare your story with a thorough media analysis in advance. Following the distribution of the press release to the well-selected targeted media, we will monitor the coverage in print and online channels. Feel free to send requests for more information or follow us on our social media channels.

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