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What does a digital PR agency do?

What does a digital PR agency do?

In addition to traditional media tools, digital PR targets blogs, websites, brands web pages, online columnists, social media tools and search engines. Online PR is a very cost-efficient, powerful tool in today's digital communication sector that can help get the word out.

Traditional PR agencies are transforming into online PR agencies thanks to the digital transformation that felt in every industry. Companies, startups, SME’s and brands started to pay more attention to online PR and reputation. Increased internet penetration nearly all around the world, mobile phone usage, display advertising and social media channels led to the emerge of digital marketing and online PR. Thanks to its dynamic and agile structure, online PR has opened a new path for brands to reach their target audience quickly and to introduce their products and services with innovative ideas.

While the promotion of products and services through conventional media still remains its importance, the power of digital media helps brands to cross borders and reach more people who can learn about the brand. Besides, every news and advertisements on digital media can be quickly followed and analyzed with numerical measurements. While traditional media is limited to a particular geography, online media does not face any obstacles. With online PR, brands can reach their customers all around the world. On the other hand, social media offers ease of use as an online PR tool that provides two-way communication, is low-cost, and at the same time offers the opportunity to learn about the thoughts of the target audience.

In online channels where costs and expenses fall, services are offered at more affordable prices. The fact that online PR services are cheaper than the traditional methods is not due to the difference in the quality of the work, but because of the decrease in production costs. Online PR is a rational way of getting more PR services at a more affordable price in the field of press communication.

Transformation of PR

As a result of the transformation of traditional PR services, online PR has become a significant competitor to conventional agencies. The mission of the Digital PR agency is to ensure that the image and reputation of the person, organization or institution are managed on social media, blogs, forums and news sites as well as on written press. These agencies also provide services such as reporting of the coverage in online and print media. We also recommend you to review our blog post “What is an Online PR agency?” for more information.

Besides the number of coverage, quality is essential in online PR. Brands that pay attention to their content marketing strategies are focusing on building and increasing brand awareness, creating SEO-friendly content and publishing newsworthy press releases. Being visible in high authority websites, paying attention to SEO priorities and keyword cloud directly boost brand value and image in public. Public relations experts who develop PR strategies can share detailed media coverage reports supported by tables and graphics.

Benefits of Online PR Services

Online PR provides a user-friendly and economical service by giving a different perspective to PR studies. By building a bridge between the written and online media, online PR enhances the image and strengthens the reputation of the institutions or individuals in order to communicate more effectively with the target audience.

The primary responsibilities of PR experts are announcing and explaining a brand's mission and vision to the target audience and the public. In addition to researching to understand the target audience better, they also aim to create strong Pr campaigns. During a crisis, they work as a business partner with the brands to run a strong communication strategy. The expertise of PR agencies can even turn a crisis into an opportunity.

Public relations experts who are in contact with the press members help the content to reach mass audiences. Knowing broadcasting policies of news agencies, news sites and blog post writers and journalists' interests is one of the main requirements of this business. Knowing the best day and time for distributing a press release highly increases the change of appearing in the media. Sending a press release is the most effective way to attract the target audience, investors, potential and existing customers. 

Online PR services of B2Press

B2Press is an online PR agency that offers end-to-end PR services. After you fill out the request form, we will immediately contact you in order to inform and support you to start the process rapidly. We can arrange a teleconference, a video meeting or meet face-to-face.

B2Press think hard on the subject of the press release, and share alternative topic suggestions with you. We also keep in touch with you throughout the process, including finding the right target audience and appropriate visuals. Experienced PR team creates a list of relevant publications/journalists by adding news value to the message you want to give. Thus, B2Press send your press releases to the media lists and news agencies. Team share detailed coverage reports; daily, weekly and monthly. B2Press arranges special news and interviews to ensure that you become visible in the most appropriate channels for your audience. PR experts help you to stay in touch with newspapers and magazines, participate in special file topics and meet consumers. They work to increase your visibility in search engines through press releases with SEO-compliant keywords. Online PR agency B2Press offers you the work of traditional PR agencies as a "service." Moreover, it offers this service without asking for a monthly fee, and you only pay when you use it. B2Press creates a cost advantage by combining press release writing, distribution and reporting in a single process.

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