What is digital PR?

What is digital PR?

Digital PR is a public relations strategy used to bolster the online presence, reputation, and/or image of an individual or organization. It does this by building bridges between brands (along with their associated products and services) and the media, thus helping clients reach specific target audiences.

As new technological advances affect all aspects of our lives, communication tools are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Many of the innovations that have accompanied the rise of the internet have forced most means of communication to take on a digital dimension.

With increasing frequency, public relations activities aimed at building bridges between brands and target audiences are turning to digital PR strategies. It is essential, therefore, to ask the question: What is digital PR?

Digital PR, also referred to as online PR, is part of the digital marketing family. Essentially, it is a public relations strategy used to increase brand awareness through the use of digital communication tools and techniques.

Although it is similar to traditional PR in a number of ways, digital PR offers the opportunity to reach much wider audiences. By using internet-based strategies and techniques, such as search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, and social media, online PR agencies can use digital platforms (blogs, forums, news websites, etc.) to generate optimal media exposure and increase brand awareness for their clients.

What services do online PR agencies offer?

Digital PR is a powerful communication method that can increase brand reputation online. In today’ digital world, online news sites are read by more people than their traditional print-media counterparts, such as newspapers and magazines. And by optimizing search engine results, much larger – and more receptive – audiences can be reached than through traditional media platforms. 

What’s more, through the use of digital PR, brands can offer their products and services to target audiences all over the world. Supported by smart and well-planned search engine optimization strategies, online PR agencies can use digital media platforms to generate maximum publicity for their client brands.

Traditional PR methods eclipsed by digital PR

Traditional PR is aimed at building networks with editors, journalists, and news outlets with a view to obtaining media coverage for the brands they represent – usually on television, radio, and in print publications. While the goal of traditional PR professionals is to increase brand image in print and visual media, they are now increasingly turning to digital PR strategies in order to get their messages across.

Thanks to the steady increase in global internet usage, and the vast number of online media channels, there are now multiple ways that brands can communicate with their target audiences. Online PR services employ a wide range of marketing tools and techniques to boost their clients’ online presence and increase brand awareness, especially via social media.

The importance of having an effective digital PR strategy

Fundamentally, both traditional and digital PR share a common goal: to increase brand reputation and raise their clients’ visibility among specific target audiences. While both strategies seek to raise the profiles of the brands they represent, the main differences between traditional and online PR are the methods they use to achieve this objective.

Digital PR aims to increase brand awareness through the use of digital communication tools. For many businesses, it can be difficult to increase brand reputation in this fiercely competitive digital age. But there are a number of effective methods and tools for raising visibility and maintaining competitiveness. In order to stand out from among their rivals and achieve optimal media exposure, today’s businesses must adopt branding strategies that are both well-planned and determined.

Digital PR enjoys 10 major advantages over traditional PR, including the following:

  • Practical and quantifiable success
  • More cost-effective
  • Creates sales opportunities
  • Helps track rivals
  • Allows precise targeting
  • Improves SEO rankings
  • Increases brand image and reputation
  • Aids in online crisis management
  • Offers greater engagement
  • Guarantees a permanent online presence

Press release distribution: A key aspect of digital PR

Press releases are an effective communication tool that brands can use to reach target audiences. No doubt, widespread media coverage on online platforms helps brands generate the public awareness they need to survive. Digital platforms play an essential role in conveying key messages about brands, along with the products and services with which they are associated, to the wider public.

Thanks to the internet’s ability to disseminate information instantly, press releases can be distributed to – and shared with – vast swathes of potential consumers in the blink of an eye. Providing brands with a significant advantage by increasing their rankings on digital search engines, a good press release distribution system can also help businesses come up with the most effective communication strategies.

Digital PR and search engine optimization (SEO)

Online PR services strive to improve the image and reputation of the brands they represent by obtaining optimal coverage on online media channels through the use of SEO-friendly press releases. Online visibility is known to increase brand awareness, so when press release services are offered without the burden of long-term contracts, this can represent a cost-effective way to improve your business’s marketing strategy.

Search engine optimization is extremely important in this regard. Brands that seek a high ranking in search engine results ought to make use of online PR services. Written in line with SEO algorithms, online press releases serve to increase media exposure. What’s more, press releases distributed digitally generally remain online for years.

Points to consider about online PR services

Whether you’re talking about content development, writing, distribution, or analysis, the press release distribution process should be handled by PR professionals. And the importance of search engine optimization and social media, too, cannot be overstated. With this in mind, press releases should always be written in line with SEO algorithms, and supported by viable social media strategies.

What’s more, digital platforms that typically publish press releases should be traceable in order to obtain feedback from target audiences. In addition, online platforms ought to be chosen in accordance with specific brands, along with their target audiences and messages.

Operating in more than 30 countries since 2016, B2Press, Europe’s first online PR agency, offers a wide range of cost-effective press release distribution services. For more information, contact our experienced team at [email protected].

B2Press offers press release distribution services in more than 30 countries.
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