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Raising brand presence abroad via press release distribution

Raising brand presence abroad via press release distribution

A fundamental question for marketers today has become, ‘How can one improve brand presence among potential customers beyond national borders?

In today's world, it doesn't matter which particular country a brand first appears in. With the rise of globalization and digitalization, vast distances disappear and people can access the products or services they want from anywhere in the world. As Marshall McLuhan predicted years ago, the world has become a global village. Popularized by McLuhan, the term ‘Global Village’ describes the phenomenon of a fully interconnected world as the result of the propagation of new media technologies across the globe.

In this new global village, traditional communication methods and existing markets still face a number of severe constraints. Because of these inherent limitations, they are insufficient in and of themselves to expand pre-existing customer networks. But with the integration of new technologies into our lives, brands now have the ability to reach global audiences by utilizing a range of novel communication methods and tools. 

As e-commerce becomes increasingly widespread across the globe, shopping can now be done virtually, while the speed with which we access information is currently measured in seconds. Now we can do our daily shopping, and even order takeout food, with a single click of the mouse. Soon, drones will deliver goods to our doorstep, while automation processes will be carried out entirely by artificial intelligence.

Thanks to today’s online marketing of both products and services, it no longer matters what part of the world potential customers live in. 

Online PR: Achieving a global reach

We now live in a digital era, characterized by rapidly increasingly interconnectivity and interactivity. New companies prefer to invest in digital selling platforms – that offer products and services on a global scale – rather than the brick-and-mortar retail spaces and workplaces of the past.

Organizations seeking to expand their business from domestic markets to foreign ones with a view to generating greater sales have begun to adopt new communication and content marketing strategies. This is where digital PR comes into play.

New communication strategies, higher return on investment

In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, companies’ share in the global pie gets smaller every day. Therefore, businesses must expand into foreign markets in order to sell their products or services. But to do so, they have come to rely on digital PR, which includes digital advertising and content marketing; collaboration with influencers and thought leaders; and the holding of virtual and real-world events.

International PR campaigns that employ these communication techniques can be very effective in building brand presence. However, the overall cost of these strategies can be prohibitive for many businesses, especially startups. After all, at the end of the day, it’s all about return on investment (ROI). All too often, expenditures on these communication techniques can end up outweighing sales and profits.

Many new businesses are hard pressed to reach their sales targets in international markets because they aim for those achieved by the big-name brands. A better approach is to focus on more cost-effective communication techniques when devising their content marketing strategies.

In this regard, press release distribution by an experienced press release distribution service is one of the most effective communication tools available to young businesses seeking a foothold in new markets. Well-written and timely press releases provide a highly cost-effective means of building a global brand presence through the prudent use of international media outlets.

Reaching target audiences overseas

Before entering new markets, there are two critical steps that all businesses, regardless of size, must take. They must conduct exhaustive market research and sufficiently introduce their brand – along with its range of products and services – to the local public. Because numerous factors affect purchasing decisions, both of these steps must be thoroughly undertaken when entering an untried foreign market. In this regard, building trust among target audiences, while also raising brand awareness, is crucial.

When we take a close look at the world’s leading brands, we can see exactly how they established a ‘bond of trust’ with the public and successfully turned potential customers into loyal ones. So how can businesses maximize the time spent by customers in choosing a brand or its particular products or services?

The very first step of a business’s communication activities abroad – of building this trust – is to attract the attention of target audiences through the strategic distribution of newsworthy press releases. When doing this, however, companies must focus on topics that have both news and public-relations value. The primary aim of a press release distribution service is to support a brand’s products or services through the judicious dissemination of newsworthy content. This way, target audiences are made aware of the business and what it has to offer them.

The second step is to employ communication and content marketing strategies that will both raise your brand’s competitiveness in the global marketplace and allow you to access financial resources. The fastest and most cost-effective way to achieve both of these steps – and build sought-for trust in untried markets – is to distribute press releases using effective search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

Through the distribution of well-written press releases, you can provide news content that is of general interest to the local public and is easily accessible via online search engines, thus strengthening your brand presence. Once you create the right perception through local media outlets, you will hold the key to reaching potential customers. Press releases can also be accompanied by additional materials (such as visuals) to improve their chances of being published.

Factors to consider when targeting international media outlets

  • Press releases should be made available (localized) in line with the language of the country you are operating in. For example, while there are many Spanish-speaking countries, there may be subtle linguistic differences between them (local terms, expressions, etc.). Therefore, in order to avoid potentially embarrassing mistranslations, arrangements for press release translations should be made on a country-by-country basis.

  • It is highly advisable to work with an online PR agency that knows the country (or region) that you are targeting and has previous experience distributing press releases there. This way, you can be privy to local dynamics and tailor your press releases according to local interests and values.

  • Brand presence cannot be achieved through local media outlets if your message fails to appeal to the tastes and preferences of local consumers. Therefore, the best means of achieving visibility in the local press is through the distribution of press releases that are both rich in content and which employ effective methods of search engine optimization. This will draw the public’s attention and promote a positive brand presence.

  • One of the factors that can make or break the success of a press release is the use of the right media outlets for a particular product or service. For instance, if news about a new brand operating in the food sector appears in a magazine devoted to technology, the press release will fail to reach its target audience. In order to garner positive feedback from the distribution of a press release, the particular media outlets read by the target audience must be determined well in advance.

Benefits of international press release distribution

  • You can boost your brand presence throughout the global marketplace.

  • Your dependence on your domestic market base will diminish.  This means you can increase market penetration and revenue without being affected by seasonal fluctuations that may occur in your home country. 

  • One way to relieve pressure caused by changing consumer patterns is to open up to foreign markets. As you manage to reach a new consumer base, your market share will inevitably expand.

  • Communication and content marketing activities that promote your brand in foreign markets will bolster your competitiveness in other markets as well. This means an increase in overall sales figures and profits.

  • Effective press communication will lead to improved brand presence and corporate image, allowing you to enlarge – and maintain –your position in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

How SOHOs and SMEs can use press releases to raise brand awareness

Whether you are a small office or home office (SOHO), a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME), or a large business venture, the distribution of informative, newsworthy press releases represents one of the most effective communication tools for raising awareness about your brand among potential customers and the public in general.

The overriding objective of both SOHOs and SMEs is to reach as many potential customers as possible – cost-effectively and with the very best communication tools available. A brand or business must stand out from among its many competitors in order to both expand its reach and attract potential customers. This is where the concept of brand awareness comes into play.

To establish a positive corporate image and maintain a good reputation in the minds of the public and potential customers, it is essential that business enterprises – from modest SOHOs and SMEs to massive corporations – pay close attention to the crucial issue of brand awareness. Generally speaking, brands that enjoy high brand awareness, and which appeal to a wide range of both existing and potential customers, are viewed as popular, reputable and reliable.

In order to bolster brand awareness, the preparation and distribution of press releases, along with engagement in special news activities, are among the most effective communication tools available to public-relations professionals. Regardless of the sector or industry in which you operate, the timely and consistent distribution of relevant messaging, both to the media and the wider reading public, represents the ideal way to boost brand awareness and increase the visibility of your activities.

As brand awareness increases exponentially, SOHOs and SMEs, along with larger business entities, can target specific demographic segments and reach potential customers in a compelling and cost-effective manner.

What is a SOHO?

SOHO is a term that refers to “small office or home office.” These entities are generally regarded as being among the smallest kinds of small business enterprise. Although the terms SOHO and SME tend to overlap with each other, there are a number of small but important differences between them. The following are some of the characteristic features of SOHOs:

  • SOHOs are typically micro-enterprises with remote working systems and a maximum of ten employees.

  • Today, many occupational groups favor SOHO-style working systems. This is a kind of working system preferred by those who don’t need to host customers in a corporate environment, and who can work remotely from their computers. These include people such as lawyers, PR experts and software developers, to name only a few.

  • In today’s rapidly-changing digital world in which more and more people are working remotely, SOHOs have become increasingly common.

  • SOHOs, which first gained prominence in the 1980s following the introduction of personal computers and fax machines, have become even more common in recent years, thanks largely to the enormous strides made in the field of “cloud” computing.

  • As a result of today’s knowledge economy, SOHOs have led the way in the development of co-working spaces, virtual offices and single-location companies.

What are the differences between SOHOs and SMEs?

The term “SME” stands for “small and medium-sized enterprise.” These kinds of ventures represent a whopping 99 percent of all businesses in the European Union. For a business to qualify as an SME, its total number of employees should be no more than 250, while its total annual turnover should not exceed €50,000,000 or total balance sheet value should not exceed €43,000,000.

Businesses within the SME category are different from those we refer to as SOHOs. As mentioned above, while SOHOs can operate without having a brick-and-mortar corporate office or workplace, this is not the case for SMEs. There are also a number of notable differences between SOHOs and SMEs in terms of the number of people they employ and the ways in which they operate.

The importance of brand awareness for SOHOs and SMEs

Brand awareness is of signal importance for SMEs, SOHOs and large-scale businesses alike. The basic principle behind brand awareness – that of building trust and credibility among potential customers – depends entirely on the impression that brands manage to make on the public, typically with the help of experienced PR professionals.

With a view to building – and maintaining – a positive public image, brands must utilize a range of tried-and-true communication tools. For example, popular brands often strive to build public trust by working with well-known celebrities who serve as brand “ambassadors.” By associating your brand with a celebrity with whom potential customers are familiar fosters increased public trust and credibility.

It is important to note, however, that building brand awareness takes time and effort. That is why businesses, including both SOHOs and SMEs, should benefit from the experience of public-relations professionals. In today’s competitive business environment, simple marketing and advertising strategies alone aren’t enough to raise public awareness of a product or brand. Only with the support of seasoned PR professionals can brands achieve their desired objectives.

In this regard, the timely distribution of newsworthy press releases represents the most efficient and cost-effective communication tool for building and maintaining brand awareness.

How can SOHOs and SMEs build brand awareness through press releases?

Press releases, which are considered among the most effective and multifunctional public-relations tools, are crucial for building brand awareness of both SOHOs and SMEs. For this reason, any business that wants to expand its reach and raise its public visibility should utilize the services of an experienced online PR agency. Such agencies are well-equipped to both produce and distribute newsworthy press releases with a view to achieving the desired results.

If you would like to make your brand stand out through the production and timely distribution of well-written press releases, click here to view the various packages now available from B2Press, Europe’s first online PR service.

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