Do backlinks and advertorials have PR value?

Do backlinks and advertorials have PR value?

As a result of the new digital era and the widespread use of internet, the communication and marketing strategies of the companies are changing. Regardless of its sector companies that want to reach their potential customers started looking for new ways to have the top ranks in search engines. It is the most advisable action for the companies because 9 out of 10 people prefer to make search on Google and compare prices while also reading user reviews before buying a product. At this point, “Search Engine Optimization (SEO), backlinks and advertorials are critical issues.

While traditional marketing is becoming less effective, content marketing is sitting on the throne of marketing strategies. It is about creating, distributing, and publishing highly valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract the target audience and build customer loyalty.

Backlinks | In the Past and Present

Backlinks are the links that come from a website to another either for free or paid. In the past,  there were many backlinks coming to a website. But that's not the case anymore. Today links not coming from high-quality sources are not considered as backlinks. Search engines, especially Google, are continually developing and improving themselves. With the harsh algorithm updates, Google has made for the last two years, especially after the Panda 4.0 update, content itself became even more crucial. If a website that is weak in content buys backlinks, it gets punished as soon as possible. Although getting a lot of backlinks from other websites may be beneficial at first but it will cause serious damages in the future. This damage can be so severe that you can never see your website again in the search engines.

Moreover, getting backlinks from irrelevant websites is not a benefit but a loss. As an example; suppose we get backlinks from a forum. Shopping, football, games, politics, local exchanges and many other topics are all taking place in such platforms. If we assume that we have a site that serves in the automotive industry and we get backlinks from this forum, the results will be very disappointing. At this point, Google comes into play and deletes us from its index.

What is the difference of a press release?

The effect of getting a lot of backlinks from other websites has short term benefits. Although doing this increases the ranking of a website at first, it will possibly have a reverse effect in the long run. On the other hand, press release distribution is a fast, effective and organic method, and it has recently become preferred to increase the value of the websites. You can reach your target audience quickly and with a low-cost advantage by publishing a press release having a newsworthy content. With the experienced team of the online PR agency B2press, the press releases are briefed, prepared, approved and served to the media in a short time like 2 working days. This is a much more effective way than getting backlinks from other websites.

Why choose a press release instead of a backlink?

Backlinks, which were free and highly recommended when the internet was being used less frequently, became a purchase-for-sale market with the widespread use of the internet. With the change in the end-user purchasing process, businesses began to look for new ways to bring websites forward. Every website has a value, and the value of the backlinks you receive will also be different from each other. If you get backlinks from valuable sites, you can put your website forward, but if you get backlinks from irrelevant ones, you may be exposed to spam. Therefore, it is essential to remember that backlinks to your website will not always have a positive effect.

The natural way to reach the end-user is to make valuable shares in your sector and submit a press release. With publishing a press release, you can put your site forward in search engines without risk. The press release distribution service for news sites and media for your target audience is a bridge that allows you to reach your potential customers. Press release submission with newsworthy content will be an effective way to increase the value of your site and contact the end-user.

The golden rule of creating value: Keyword Cloud

Creating value in today’s world is about being original and organic, where visibility in search engines becomes essential for digital PR works. Being organic and natural is not a criterion of a reputation for only search engines but also for the masses whose consumption habits change with the digital transformation. Therefore, referencing through backlinks is not enough and slowly losing its importance. At this point, the term “Keyword Cloud” is taking the lead in marketing strategies. Google takes into account the content of your keyword cloud, which is the set of prioritized words and mostly used in your website. With this algorithm, Google allows websites to naturally generate value when they create news that includes targeted keywords. In this way, it also contributes to visibility and digital reputation. Distributing a press release is the most prominent method to achieve this. Also, it is a much faster and more accurate way than to wait for a backlink to have an SEO effect. When a press release is combined with a compelling, newsworthy story and written according to keyword cloud priorities, the value of a website increases in search engines.

The Purpose of Search Engines 

The purpose of search engines is to provide users with a list of the most relevant content. If Google removes the site from the index of a trademark associated with a product, users will not be able to reach the website they were looking for and will encounter irrelevant sites. In the long run, users will be directed to different search engines. Search engines that do not want to face similar situations are aimed at presenting the most accurate content that matches the keywords. That's exactly why companies want their websites to reach the end-user; it should offer the most reliable and valuable content. Backlinks, which can lead to sites that don't match keywords, do not provide permanent solutions and cause you to get bad reflections.

Tips and Basics

  • Getting backlinks from authority sites like Forbes, CNN is powerful.
  • Anchor texts should include target keywords.
  • Backlinks should come from topically related websites.
  • Instead of focusing on trying to get more backlinks, focusing on keyword cloud is more advisable.
  • Sending a press release is the most effective method in digital PR.
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