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How to create a press release brief?

How to create a press release brief?

Creating a press release brief is the first step in writing an effective press release. A clearly written and informative brief can help guide the editors tasked with drafting a press release, thus enhancing its credibility.

Of all marketing tools and PR strategies, the writing and distribution of press releases are among the most important. Businesses of all types and sizes use press releases to convey their messages to target audiences through various news outlets. They are generally used to publicize developments such as new investments, growth and employment figures, appointments, sectoral evaluations, and upcoming events. Press releases allow businesses to raise their profiles among members of the press and the public and draw attention to their products or services.

But what’s the best method for writing an effective press release? The process is typically carried out in four stages, all of which are of vital importance.

The 4 stages of producing an effective press release

  1. Creating a brief
  2. Writing the text of the press release
  3. Distributing the press release
  4. Monitoring/reporting coverage by news outlets

All four stages are interconnected and of equal importance. Regardless how skilled an editor is, the impact of a press release will be limited unless it is based on a concise and clearly written brief. On the other hand, even an expertly written press release based on a clear and informative brief will fail to have the desired effect if it is distributed at the wrong time or through the wrong channels. Therefore, in order to ensure optimal efficacy, it is essential to execute all four stages meticulously and with due attention to detail.

Elsewhere in this post, we have discussed how to create an effective brief for a press release. For additional information on how to write a good press release, readers can refer to the B2Press blog.

Clearly define your objectives

Are you hoping to reach consumers with your press release? Or are you looking to reach potential investors? A carefully written brief, which clearly lays out your objectives and expectations, constitutes the foundation of an effective press release.

Provide editors with assistance and guidance

The primary purpose of a brief is to guide and assist the editors responsible for drafting the text of your press release. In addition to providing direction and guidance, a good brief should lay out the chief objectives of the planned press release, along with its main and subsidiary messages. This is typically done using bullet points.

Provide information about the industry

You are the one that has the most valuable insights about your particular business and the sector in which it operates. Therefore, your brief should provide the editors tasked with drafting your press release with important information about the industry you are writing about.

Use quotes from company officials and industry insiders

Journalists like to see direct statements(i.e., inside quotation marks) from company officials in press releases. Direct quotes from company founders, CEOs, and general managers can serve to enhance the impact and credibility of a press release. Therefore, try to include the titles (and photos if possible) of company officials and/or spokespeople.

Emphasize the key message of your press release

When writing a brief, be sure to stress the key message of your press release in a few concise sentences. Here, too, bullet points can be useful. This will help editors stay on point, allowing them to hammer home the main message of your press release.

Provide details about the subject of your press release

Try to provide specific details that can be used to enrich the text of your press release in accordance with the ‘5W1H rule’ (who, what, when, where, why, and how). For example, if your press release is about an upcoming event, be sure to provide all the relevant details, such as where it will be held, who is expected to attend, etc.

Include relevant data, statistics, and figures

In order to garner maximum media coverage, a good press release should include relevant data that is unavailable elsewhere. Remember, editors and journalists like statistics and figures, which can help flesh out a news article. With this in mind, be sure to include all relevant facts and figures, along with the sources from which you obtained them when preparing your brief.


To summarize, the process of producing a good press release is typically carried out in four distinct stages, the first of which is preparing a well-written brief. This represents the foundation on which your final product will be based. With a meticulously prepared brief to rely on, editors will have all relevant information at their fingertips, allowing them to write up an informative, credible, and effective press release.

Please refer to the B2Press blog for more information on how to write a good press release and for press release templates.

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