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How SOHOs and SMEs can use a press release to increase brand awareness?

How SOHOs and SMEs can use a press release to increase brand awareness?

Whether you are a SOHO, an SME or a large enterprise, sending a newsworthy press release is the most powerful way to increase brand awareness.

The primary goal of SOHOs (small office or home office) and SMEs is to reach more customers and to do this by using the right communication tools and rock-bottom prices. A brand or business must stand out in the industry to attract new customers and grow progressively. This is exactly where the concept of brand awareness comes into play. In order to establish a corporate perception and to remain a well-served business in the minds of customers, it is essential for enterprises from all size to pay attention to brand awareness. In general, brands that have high brand awareness and appeal to a wide range of customers are considered as popular, trend or fashion. In order to become popular, preparing and distributing a press release or running a special news activity are the most advisable public relations tools. Regardless of the sector, consistently sending messages to press and public is the way to boost brand visibility. As brand awareness increases, enterprises can target and reach potential customers more efficiently.

What does SOHO stand for?

SOHO is a term that refers to “small office or home office” and often thought of as being the smallest of small businesses. In general, SOHOs and SMEs are mixed, but there are small differences between them.

  • SOHOs are micro-enterprises with a remote working system and a maximum of 10 employees.
  • Many different occupational groups prefer SOHO working system. It is a form of working system preferred especially by those who do not need to host customers in a corporate environment and can work remotely from their computers such as PR experts, lawyers and software developers.
  • Especially with the rapidly developing digital world, SOHOs have become increasingly more common.
  • SOHOs, which entered our lives with the culture of working remotely in the 1980s after the invention of personal computers and fax machines, has spread rapidly in recent years thanks to the advancements in cloud computing.
  • As a result of the knowledge economy, SOHOs led the development of co-working spaces, virtual offices and single location firms.


What are the differences between SOHOs and SMEs?

SMEs are more commonly known as small or medium-sized enterprises and represent 99% of all businesses in the EU. For a business to be called as an SME, the number of employees should be no more than 250 and the total annual turnover should not exceed €50.000.000. Enterprises in the SME group are different from the SOHO enterprises. As mentioned above, while SOHOs can operate without owning a corporate office or a workplace, this is not the case for SMEs. There are also decisive differences in terms of the number of employees and the way they work.

The importance of brand awareness for enterprises

Brand awareness is of great importance for any small or large-scaled enterprises, SMEs or SOHOs. The basic principle of creating trust and credibility among the customers depends on the impression a brand creates. In order to be preferred and trustworthy, brands have to apply some specific communication methods. Popular brands generally aim to build that trust by working with celebrities as a brand ambassador. As associating a celebrity with your brand that consumers are familiar with creates trust and credibility, this leverage the effect of the communication activities. Building and increasing brand awareness take time; thus, brands need to get support from experienced PR professionals. Since a simple marketing and advertising strategy alone is not adequate, the professional support that brands get will have a significant impact on achieving the goals. In this regard, creating and distributing a press release is the most powerful tool to build brand awareness.

How to increase brand awareness with a press release?

Press releases, the most effective and multifunctional public relations tool, are very important for creating and boosting brand awareness of SOHOs and SMEs. Getting an online PR service is the most advisable approach for enterprises from all sizes that operate successfully and want to expand their audience. In a simple definition, a press release is a one-page long newsworthy content. If you are aiming to make your brand stand out with a newsworthy, catchy and killer press release, you can check B2Press services and PR packages from here.

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