Digital press is 33 times larger than printed press

Digital press is 33 times larger than printed press

In the last 5 years, the daily circulation figures of national newspapers in Turkey decreased by 38%. The printed media continues their free-fall as online news sites, which feature 33 times more news pieces every day compared to newspapers, rise to the occasion.

Total daily circulation of the national newspapers in Turkey decreased from 4.9 million in June 2013 by 38% to approximately 2.8 million in December 2018. The rise of digital media plays a major role in the steep fall, triggered by the closing down of the newspapers Habertürk and Vatan. Digital publications claim the share of the advertisement pie which printed media is losing. Online news sites feature 33 times more news articles compared to newspapers every day. The records of the Press Ad Authority (Basın İlan Kurumu) indicate that while 41 daily released national newspapers in Turkey feature approximately 4,500 news articles every day, over 17,000 news sites in Turkey feature over 150,000 new news articles.

As part of our study in which we looked into daily newspaper circulation figures in Turkey, Japan, Germany, France, England, Sweden and Singapore, we examined the number of newspapers per capita. While there are 4 newspapers for 100 people in Turkey, the same number is 55 for Japan, 37 for Sweden, 26 for Germany, 20 for Singapore, 13 for France and 12 for England. The recent free-fall of newspaper circulation figures is not unique to Turkey, either. The newspapers in England and France, whose readership ratio dropped to 12%, are trying to hold onto their audience with promotional campaigns.

The technological advancements are taking their toll on the press. The Media and Advertisement Investments Report by the Association of Advertisement Agencies indicates that the printed press, which used to constitute 27% of all advertisements channels in 2009, today constitutes a mere 12%. Moreover, digital advertisement, which came fourth in 2009 with 6.6% trailing behind open-air advertisement, has become the second biggest platform with 25.9% after TV. Digital media investments in Turkey increased by 75% in the last 3 years.

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