Personal branding for doctors via press releases

Personal branding for doctors via press releases

The actors of many industries carry out various public relations and social media activities and campaigns to reach their target groups. When it comes to doctors or hospitals operating in an industry which ethical rules are crucial, personal branding that accomplished via a press release and social media stands out.

Here is an article that includes the benefits of sending a press release to build personal branding for doctors and hospitals.

PR for doctors

Offering one of the most important services for human life, the health sector is among the few areas that appeal to the whole society. Doctors, who are the main actors of the sector, aim to keep the public health at the highest possible level by satisfying the needs of the patients. Communication between doctors and clients is based on mutual trust and openness. At this point, press releases become the most effective communication tool for transmitting correct information and ensuring trust. Predictably, when it comes to health, the most critical stage for patients is to make a research to find a good doctor. 

The term 'good doctor' here defines the names that have proven their expertise in the field and have managed to stand out in the industry by helping similar patients with correct diagnosis and treatment. In the past years when technology did not penetrate our lives this much, we used to obtain our friends’ advices, but this has changed. Today, patients and their relatives who want to reach doctors make a detailed search on the internet first. In these internet searches, they read the informative articles published by doctors, read about the experiences of other patients on social media, and want to be informed about their doctors’ previous statements. As is evident from these circumstances,  a press release plays an essential role in personal branding for doctors. 

Visibility in media creates awareness

Visibility in the media provided by press releases is effective for doctors to create a successful and reliable image in public. Moreover, increasing visibility in search engines with SEO-friendly press releases conduced all the communication activities to be accessed even if it was published years ago. Patients can access these press releases whenever they need them. Substantially, a good reputation depends on the expertise of doctors and their previous success in the sector. The main goal of a press release is to make it easier for patients and their relatives to reach the names of experts in the field. In this way, doctors can boost their personal reputation among patients.

Benefits of a press release for doctors

Reach your target audience

Press releases are effective for doctors to reach their target audience. This effect manifests itself if the prepared press release does not evoke ad text and has news value. The communication that doctors establish with their target audience through written or online channels is essential in terms of reputation and image.

Increase your awareness with SEO

Press releases, which are prepared in accordance with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), allow you to meet people who search the internet to get information about any health problems. In this way, your awareness in search engines increases, and when you make this regular, search engines will see your name more often and feature you as a reliable source.

Give confidence and create the right image

The better the news sites you will take place, the more confidence you give to your target audience, and you will create the right image. Press releases allow you to announce your expertise.

Become a brand

Your news in newspapers, magazines, news sites and blogs positively affect your credibility, image and prestige. In this way, you can be recognized in your sector and increase the number of people who knows and trusts you.

Inform the society

Informing the society is one of the main functions of the press. Thanks to press releases, doctors can gain reputation and trust by informing the public about health issues that fall within their expertise.

Let the press know you

The press needs to recognize doctors. Thus, they receive opinions from you in matters in your area of ​​expertise and contribute to your reputation.

Be Sustainable

The essential rule in communication activities is sustainability. Only in this way can you protect the image and reputation you have created.

However, it should be noted that the official regulations of each country differ. For this reason, communication plans must be executed in accordance with the legislation of local health associations and ministries.

With its experienced team, B2Press can assist you with country regulations. You can send an email to [email protected] for more information.

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