How to get a press release published?

How to get a press release published?

Visibility in the media plays a massive role in creating awareness about individuals, institutions, small businesses or large enterprises. The most effective way to create value in this process and establish high quality communication with the target audience is to get your press release published.

Effective Tips to Get a Press Release Published

Publication of a press release aims at creating image and trust in the public, increasing awareness and visibility, and getting media coverage. In order to reach this goal and achieve a high chance of being published, first of all the press release must be newsworthy. This means the content should be relevant, rare, recently happened, happening or will happen. It should adapt to the 5W1H rule meaning that it should answer the questions who, what, where, when, why and how. Subject line must be informative and attract the attention of the readers. Even if the press release is in the news format, the content perceived as advertising is not preferred by the media companies and it does not arouse any interest in the readers.

Correct usage of spelling, grammar and style, being as simple as possible is what journalists and editors want to see when they receive an email. It is always a good idea to have good relationships with media contacts and have their phone numbers and email addresses. The content should be optimized with search engines (SEO) to increase visibility. The messages contained in the press release should not be in conflict with publishing policies, they should be socially sensitive and politically neutral. Choosing and determining the most suitable channel for the press release is as important as the content itself.

4 Basic Steps of Getting a Press Release Published with B2Press

  • After we receive an email or a call from you, we immediately contact you and start working according to your request. 
  • With our experienced public relations and editorial teams, we think about the possible story ideas and create the most powerful content.
  • We submit your press release to social media, media lists, journalists, media outlets, reporters segmented for your needs.
  • We monitor and track your media coverage and press coverage and report in daily, weekly and monthly periods in detail.
B2Press offers press release distribution services in more than 30 countries.
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