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Press release services

Press release services

The most effective and mainstream method of transmitting newsworthy content to target audiences and journalists is to use press release services. Press release services include writing, distribution, monitoring and reporting.

A press release is a powerful communication tool that makes brands, institutions and individuals become visible in the media, increases brand awareness and strengthen the image and reputation of a company. Press releases can be written on a variety of topics. These can be a launch of a new company or a new product, promotion of a special day such as events /anniversaries and a development of a social responsibility project. The most crucial point to consider is that the press release has to be newsworthy. When the content does not relate to the subject, the press release can’t achieve the desired results and it may even damage the reputation of a company. A press release needs to be distributed to relevant journalists from the most proper channels at the most appropriate time to get published in the ideal platform. Press release services build a bridge between the press and the brands.

When distributing a press release to the media, media lists should be prepared segmented for the industry and the websites, news portals and blogs should be determined by the sector. A randomly sent press release to the media lists can negatively influence the credibility of the sender and even cause the press release not to get coverage on the media channels. Press releases should be distributed with a relevant image on the subject. Paying attention to SEO-friendly keywords in the writing process can significantly increase the visibility of a brand in search engines. Getting a higher ranking in search engines directly leads to reach more audience and more sales. In our digital era, executing all these processes in a short time with low budgets is very easy, thanks to press release services and online PR. Online PR agencies that provide all these benefits as a service, support the goals and needs of SMEs, start-ups, institutions.

Content development and reporting is as important as distributing the press release

Press release services should be carried out by a professional team, from the brainstorming of the content that has the initial news value to the last stage, which is reporting. The experienced team of B2Press provides all press release services that can be obtained from a traditional PR agency such as distributing, publishing and detailed reporting of the press release to the media lists and news agencies. With the press release distribution service that B2Press offers, you can easily reach more than 300,000 journalists in more than 30 countries.

Benefits of B2Press Press Release Services

  • With our "pay as you go" business model, you don’t have to pay for the services that you don't use. You will pay as much as you use, without having to spend big budgets on long-term contracts.
  • Your press release will be submitted to your confirmation within 2 working days.
  • Press releases are prepared after the content development process in detail with the briefs and directives we receive.
  • The timing of distribution depends on the content of the press release, the work schedule of the targeted publications and the agenda.
  • SEO-friendly press releases contribute directly to brand awareness and help you to appear more in online searches.
  • With our press release services, you can promote your company or product advantageously and memorably.
  • You gain trust in the eyes of your target audience and obtain a contribution to the company’s reputation.
  • Thanks to the press releases that we distribute, you will be permanently featured in the online channels can still be available for your target audience in online searches after the publication date of the press release.
  • You will receive more traffic to your website from the channels where your press release is published.
  • Increasing your visibility across all online channels directly contributes to increasing the number of followers and interaction rates of your social media accounts.
  • B2Press provides daily, weekly and monthly detailed coverage reports following the distribution of the press release so that you can measure its impact.
B2Press offers press release distribution services in more than 30 countries.
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