Turkish PR agencies

Turkish PR agencies

Online PR is the blue-eyed boy of communication sector. With its agile structure, online PR can easily make brands reach their target audiences, promote their products and services with innovative ideas. Working with an online PR agency can keep companies away from large financial debts and hugely reduce their PR budget overall.

What makes us different from traditional PR agencies?

We provide full service to our customers with no less than any other PR agency or communications agency. We are representing the new way of reaching the “connected” target audience in today’s “digital” world. Our press release distribution service informs the targeted audience about developments and allows companies to engage with their potential customers. While producing content, our first goal is to make it impactful and attractive. Our team comprises of experts who are talented at creating and improving newsworthy contents. They also have a good command of Google algorithms so that they can create SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly contents. This is as important as the content itself in order to improve the visibility of the news. Well organized and planned, powerful press releases automatically increase the brand awareness. As they are featured in digital media, social media, newspapers-news sites and blogs; the reputation of a company directly improves in the industry. After the press release reaches its audience, tracking and measuring the impacts of it guides us to be more successful later on. With this experience, we provide you with further insights for your next press releases. We provide you with daily, monthly and quarterly reports analyzing your coverage. Our reports are enriched with graphs and charts so that you can add your PR performance to your presentations easily. Last but not the least, during a crisis - even though we hope it won’t be needed - our expert team has the experience to guide you during your crisis management process.

B2Press - PR Agency | Make the most out of your PR budget

In order to help you get rid of long-term agreements and make the most out of your PR budget, we offer three different packages. The first one is the Wire Package having a price of €150. Our second package is the Premium Package with a price of €250. The third one is the Exclusive Package with a price of €650. For more information, you can check our packages and their features from here.

How we work as a Turkish PR Agency?

  • Request: We provide PR as a service. We contact you immediately after we receive your request and share our suggestions for the targeted press list according to the content of your press release.
  • Content: Experienced editors write your press release according to the information you provide and enrich it with additional content, and send it to you for your approval.
  • Targeted Media: We distribute your press release to a special list of journalists, editors and reporters segmented for your content, target audience, industry and needs.
  • Media Monitoring: We monitor and report your coverage in daily and weekly periods after the distribution.

Who we work with?

We work with Ak Gıda, Sigfox, Tam Faktoring, Univera, Antalya Homes, CCR, Cowork7/24, Crossover, Detaysoft, DGI works, Dopigo, Ideasoft, itelligence, JCI, Koalay.com, Kolay İK, KWORKS, Mile Unity Foundation, Peyman, Pisano, Sestek. B2Press serves as a bridge between media and these companies.

B2Press is the easiest way to reach the media.

Working with a digital marketing agency can help companies in all of these new generated PR processes; online advertising, interactive design, video production, mobile app development, social media marketing and advertising. Based on your budget, working on any of these strategies will help your overall PR success. On the other hand, sending a press release via an online PR agency is the most effective and cost-advantaged method. B2Press can help companies to maximize efficiency in digital strategies. With its expert and creative team, you can get full PR services with minimum budget.

Our numbers and achievements:

  • 20+ Countries
  • 100+ Cities
  • 25+ Wire Services
  • 10,000+ Publications
  • 300,000+ Journalists
B2Press offers press release distribution services in more than 30 countries.
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