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Why should you send out a press release?

Why should you send out a press release?

Why should you send out a press release?

Press releases, as an essential element of any public relations strategy, still matter. These documents provide statements about people or situations, information about a specific subject, and with regular flow they can help to build the image of the organization. Accordingly, news stories that would contribute to the image of the company, or raise awareness among the right audience can be used to craft great press releases.

Press releases, which public relations professionals commonly prefer to use, are written to promote and announce a specific topic, and build a communication bridge between organizations and the media. A good press release hooks the attention of the media and helps them to feature the news. No matter how good a product or service a company, individual or a brand is, it can only be heard through coverage by the media.

Each organization aspires to gain the confidence of the relevant audiences by informing the public about its activities. More than simply an introduction, the purpose here is also earning the admiration of people and create an image that matched the organization’s mission in public eye. The tool that ensures that the activities carried out to realize the mission are communicated to the widest audience in the shortest time and in the most accurate way is a press release that is created in line with the media and their needs. A press release, drafted in the appropriate language and style, reaches its target audience via the print or online media. Naturally, the content draws interest to the extent of its newsworthiness. A well-prepared press release brings several benefits for the organization while contributing to media relations. Press releases play an important role in building the corporate image. They create a perception regarding the organization and reflect the corporate culture.

Subject of Press Releases

A press release or a press statement can be written on a variety of subjects. Essentially, subjects include announcements regarding people or events, information about newsworthy issues, building and/or maintaining the identity of individuals or organizations.

Press releases can be on a wide range of topics, such as:

  • Launching a business
  • Introducing an innovative product/service to the market
  • New branch opening
  • Change in management
  • Introducing new business models
  • Expanding product range
  • Anniversary
  • Winning an award 
  • Release of survey results
  • Visit of prominent people
  • Announcing a promotion
  • Announcing a partnership
  • Announcing a merger or title change
  • Developments related to corporate social responsibility projects
  • Contributions to value adding activities
  • Public disclosures on future business trends or conditions
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