How to promote a book?

How to promote a book?

Book promotion plays an essential role for all authors, whether senior or amateur, in bringing their written works together with the reader. If you are a writer, you can find what needs to be considered when promoting a book in our blog post.

The possibilities of technology facilitate book publishing in many aspects. Numerous books are being published thanks to the increasing number of publishing houses as well as the new generation of publications such as audiobooks and e-books. The release of a book by a publishing house is considered as a scale of success, especially by some amateur authors. However, having new books on real or virtual shelves is not enough to attract the attention of the reader. It is necessary to create a desire to read the book in the target audience and to make them search the book on the shelves. The media plays the most crucial role in producing these effects on large audiences. Writing and distributing a press release is the most effective communication method in promoting a book. So, what should be considered while promoting a book?

Write catchy press releases

Press releases let you inform the media and journalists about your book. However, journalists who receive countless e-mails and news every day evaluate press releases that attract their attention or only the ones that they find worthy of informing the public. Therefore, the press releases you send to the members of the press should attract attention and more importantly, arouse curiosity. Examining a subject that has not been discussed before, offering a different reading experience, developing a new perspective or diverging from similar books are among the topics that may be intriguing.

Target journalists tailored to your content

The content of the book should be compatible with the interests of the journalists when distributing press releases within the scope of the book promotion. For example, if the content of the book focuses on nutrition, distribution should be made to members of the press who are working in the field of health journalism. This strategy is critical both for determining the goals and expectations of the promotional work and being effective in achieving efficient results.

Avoid giving unnecessary details

It is vital to maintain a precise balance in your press releases while giving clues about the book. It should not include details that will satisfy the journalist's curiosity. The title should be short but concise, and the spot should summarize the general message. Details should not be included in the lead (sub-header), which is the first paragraph of an article. The reader should only have an idea for the rest of the article. Sharing brief preliminary information on the fascinating topics mentioned in the book in the main text is useful in keeping the journalist and reader's curiosity.

Avoid advertising jargon

One of the vital points in a sensitive area where there are different perspectives and tastes like culture and art is to pay attention to the language of expression. The text may lose its chance to be published and covered by a mistake that can lead to the perception of the press release as an advertisement. Press releases should not be addressed to the consumer, used to promote something or include advertising content. Generalizations and words of praise should be avoided. The press release must follow the objectivity of journalistic principles. Highlighting features that will benefit intellectual accumulation such as new knowledge, point of view or reading experience is valuable in press releases

Be simple and understandable

The language used in press releases for book promotion should be short, simple and easily understandable, even if the target audience has a high literacy level. Long sentences, confusing terms, and the use of foreign words should be avoided.

Get support from professionals

While conducting media relations within the scope of a book promotion, exposure to factors that will adversely affect the perception of a book and cause loss of value creates a great risk for image and reputation. In order to eliminate these risks, it is important to get support from professionals that will strengthen your image and reputation among journalists and readers. It is vital to get media communication support from experts, especially for the authors who aim to take a successful step in their writing career with their new book. Creating a positive image in the press and the reader who will recognize the author through the press is also a reference for future works.

If you are releasing a new book and can't wait to meet your readers, you can make your voice heard by the press and take an important step in your writing career. To get support from professionals, send an e-mail to [email protected] and benefit from our free consultancy service!

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