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How can PR help brand building?

How can PR help brand building?

The development of technology and the increase in mobility have brought almost all audiences to online channels. Now that news consumption is also online, traditional PR has been replaced by digital PR. It is an effective strategy to increase brand awareness using online methods.

Public relations , PR for short, is all about perception and reputation. Known by its English acronym PR in many countries, it basically means sending the right message to the right audience at the right time via the right means. It is a way of communication management for brands to reach their target audience and develop a relationship with them.

Build your brand awareness with PR

Whether you have a newborn brand or a senior one entering a new market, first of all, you need to build brand awareness. Who are you? What do you offer? What’s your differentiation? You must make your audience describe you with the words you want to be associated with through consistent communication about these features. After establishing this awareness, you can take deliberate and consistent steps to convert it into brand loyalty. That’s why, brand reputation not only helps grow promotion and sales but also establishes an emotional connection with the target audience. 

To establish this emotional bond, communication must be consistent and long-lasting. Media relations, event planning and execution, crisis management, designing social responsibility projects are the services of traditional PR and they all have to be interconnected and integrated for successful brand communication. Now with the development of technology and increasing mobility, the fact that news consumption is also online has led to a new era in PR called digital PR, which is an effective strategy to increase brand awareness using online methods. 

Increase your visibility with digital PR

Digital PR, mentioned in our previous blog post, is a public relations strategy to bolster online presence. When we say online, we mean optimal media exposure on blogs, forums, news portals. Even a comment on an e-commerce site can affect your brand identity. Although the content may be the same, the communication channels in traditional and digital PR differ. While the former focuses on newspapers, magazines, radio and TV; the latter concentrates on online channels. As people spend more time on digital channels, the importance of digital PR in brand differentiation also grows.

Benefits of Digital PR

First of all, with its agile feature, digital PR, also known as online PR, assists brands in spreading innovative ideas to their target audience through written or digital media. Preparing press releases with differentiating points or pitching journalists with special reports is a powerful way to provide information that is beneficial to your brand’s image. Thanks to a well-crafted content strategy, your brand awareness may gradually increase. When your content is engaging and unique, it has the potential to go viral and reach people outside of your target audience. All of these tactics help you build trust and enhance your brand image.

Digital PR also supports defining the right communication channels for your target groups. Although there are many different platforms in the digital world, it is easier to monitor the performance compared to traditional media. How many times it is clicked, how many reviews you’ve got, etc. Just like a ripple effect, the more people who share your content, the more traffic your website receives.

Simple, yet powerful

More to that, creating a brand identity and maintaining that image in a 24/7 online environment is an expensive and difficult process. Yet, digital PR is far more cost-effective than traditional PR in terms of lowering production costs. Online PR agencies monitor the opportunities for brands to participate in online or print media. This allows brands to stay in close contact with newspapers and magazines to reach new people. 

Within these services, writing and distributing press releases to the targeted journalists are one of the fundamentals. In our previous blog post, we shared the benefits of distributing a press release. With its affordable cost and written in consistent with search engine optimization rules, an online press release not only increases brand reputation but also adds value to the business. Here, working with an online PR agency plays an important role in helping brands build this reputation. 

Your communication partner, Online PR Service B2Press

As B2Press, we offer all the services you expect from a traditional PR agency. With our editorial team of experienced journalists, we write your press releases in accordance with the SEO requirements. We list the target media and schedule the exact time to send your press release in accordance with the content. Whether you are an SME, NGO, or global brand, turning your important content into a press release can help boost your reputation among your target audience.

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