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Organize a virtual press conference in 4 steps

Organize a virtual press conference in 4 steps

You can organize a virtual press conference in 4 steps, gain reputation before the press and your target audience via B2Press Online PR Service.

Offering time and cost benefits, a virtual press conference is a brand-new and effective way to intensify your media relations in the digital environment.

The way we communicate exists in a state of flux. New methods are in need to share messages and reach large masses as technology evolves. One of these methods is a "virtual press conference" since the pandemic caused physical restrictions. So, what is a virtual press conference? A virtual press conference is a digital press conference through which you meet journalists online and inform them about the developments on your brand, your company or your activities so that you can have media coverage.

What do virtual press conferences do?

Helping you meet thousands of journalists, virtual press conferences eliminate the space and time limit and reduce organization costs to a considerable extent. A virtual press conference is a kind of virtual event like common face-to-face press conferences. In order to listen to the press conference and ask their questions, journalists join the meeting via any device with an internet connection - phone, tablet or computer. Thanks to this, journalists save time by joining the conference wherever they want, and the cost-effective solution is provided for the press conference organizers since providing physical space, transportation and catering are eliminated.

Though they have been commonly used in times of crisis, virtual press conferences are now on the way to becoming one of the main tools of media communication because of the coronavirus pandemic. The infection risk caused by physical contact and getting together has also affected the brand communication activities during the pandemic period that the whole world has been fighting with. On the other hand, digital solutions such as virtual press conferences have eliminated the interruption of important events such as press releases & launches and managed the relations. It is certain that virtual press conferences, one of the most important tools of media communication, will become more and more popular as plenty of processes are being digitalized in today's technology.

Five steps to organize an effective virtual press conference

  • Make sure that the information is newsworthy

The biggest complaint of journalists about press conferences is that the content is not interesting enough for the public to warrant reporting. Therefore, it would be best if you make sure that the virtual press conference you plan covers significant content fit for the pursuit of journalists.

  • Send invitation e-mails to journalists interested in the topic you will address

You must create a list of participant e-mail addresses to invite journalists to virtual press conferences. The most significant point you should pay attention while creating the journalist list is whether the invitee journalists are in the pursuit of the topic you will address in the virtual press conference. You should know journalists well, invite them to conferences that you are sure will attract their attention. You should also have up-to-date contact information and e-mail addresses. If not, you may both face with an inefficient audience concerning media exposure and damage your relations with journalists.

  • Test your technology

It is of great importance to test technologies such as the platform you will use before organizing a virtual press conference so that you can foresee and prevent problems that may develop during the conference. So then, you should check technical equipment such as cameras and microphones and make sure they properly function and rehearse with spokespersons who will take part in the virtual press conference. You can not only offer journalists a well-conceived professional conference experience by this means but reinforce your image before the press as well.

  • Send supportive press releases.

Providing supportive documents relevant to the conference following it enables increasing visibility in the media. Press releases are the most effective tool at this point. A well written press release covered in the virtual press conference not only supports the participant journalists' notes but also enables the non-participating press members to evaluate the news. It is significant to share the conference recording and digital data such as presentations, photos, videos, graphics used during the conference apart from the press release.

  • Measure the effectiveness of your conference

One of the key advantages of virtual press conferences is that its impact is measurable. Therefore, you must use a high-quality event infrastructure that provides comprehensive reports covering important data such as the participant details at the conference, the questions they asked, their answers to the questionnaires and the conference duration. In this way, you can see how the press conference went on and find out which journalists have more interest in your brand, company or your work.

Hold a virtual press conference in 4 steps via B2Press

The crucial point to consider when organizing a virtual press conference is the end-to-end coordination of the whole process. Online PR Service B2Press manages the whole process for you: from the journalist invitation mails for your virtual press conferences to the reminders and from the conference's online event platform to the writing, distribution and reporting stages of the conference press release. You can organize a virtual press conference in 4 steps without paying monthly fees via Online PR Service B2Press which provides all the services you can get from traditional PR agencies.

1- Journalist Invitation

B2Press provides all the technical support you need for your virtual press conference through its online event infrastructure. In the planning phase, B2Press creates your press conference invitation mails to be sent to journalists via media lists of more than 300 thousand journalists and arranges the sending for you.

2- Technical Infrastructure

As part of its online conference infrastructure through which you can host an unlimited number of spokespersons and media members, B2Press offers a special landing page, broadcast infrastructure, record and survey management along with Q&A management services and reporting for your virtual press conference. As a result, the platform also allows you to evaluate your organization's success with instant recording during the virtual press conference while providing a conference experience that will boost your interaction with the journalists and giving comprehensive reports after the meeting.

3- Press Release

Providing press release writing, distribution and reporting services in more than 23 languages and 30 countries around the world, B2Press conducts communication activities about the conference topics you want to be featured in the media following the virtual press conference. Considering the importance of newsworthiness, the editorial team of B2Press consisting experienced journalists write SEO friendly press releases for you. Your press release concerning the virtual press conference is distributed via news agencies, and media lists segmented to your sector following your approval.

4- Media Monitoring

You can analyze the press release coverage through the media reports prepared by the B2Press media analysts and evaluate its impact. Following your press release distribution, you have access to media analysis reports regarding your coverage in the media, your potential read rates and your online visibility level in 3 different periods: daily, weekly and monthly.

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