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B2Press offers PR solutions based on a service model, which means no fixed monthly fees and no long-term commitments. Use our range of services whenever you need them, and simply pay as you go.
Fill in the request form according to the PR package you have chosen, and let us know the message you want to convey, your specific target audience, and what you expect from the entire online PR process.
The experienced editorial team at B2Press will write up your press release and send it back to you for your feedback and approval.
Once we have obtained your approval, we will distribute your press release through a large network of prominent media outlets and news agencies.
Coverage of your press release, both in print and online channels, is closely tracked and shared with you in the form of detailed media coverage reports.
How do I start the press release process?
In order to start working with B2Press, you can fill out the request form, contact us directly from our phone number or send an e-mail. One of our customer representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.
All brands that carry out communication studies have something important to say to their stakeholders and the media, but what matters is to say at the right time, in the right place through the right channel. B2Press supports the development of the press release with supportive subtitles such as reports and statistics and provides research support.
The need for writing the press release depends on the PR package. Within the scope of the WIRE Package, the press release is expected to be written by you in all countries. In PREMIUM and EXCLUSIVE Packages, the press release is written by experienced editors of B2Press.
B2Press has special media lists segmented for the content, target audience and country. Thanks to these lists which are constantly getting updated, B2Press can reach more than 300,000 journalists worldwide. Your press releases are sent by the Distribution Team of B2Press to tailored journalists according to your industry. B2Press also distribute press releases via major news agencies, which are the most important news sources of the media.
According to a research conducted by B2Press, a journalist receive an average of 300 to 400 emails per day which makes it very difficult for your press release to be seen and evaluated among the mail traffic. B2Press uses all possible channels to reach to the journalists. If you wish, you can request a report that provides the information of which journalists received and read your press release after the distribution. B2Press also distributes press releases via major news agencies and manage an effective distribution process.
B2Press offers media monitoring and reporting services for 1 month so that you can measure the impact of your press release. Detailed media monitoring and reporting are provided with 3 coverage reports in daily, weekly and monthly periods. These reports are powered by charts and insights, includes analysis rather than being shared in a simple excel format.
What is an online PR service?
Online PR services that emerged from the transformation of traditional PR agencies, enable products and services produced by brands along with innovative ideas and works to be communicated to target audiences via online or print media with their agile structure. Online PR services save businesses from long-term binding agreements and significant financial burden.
Press releases, one of the main communication tools used in public relations strategies, form a communication bridge between brands and the media. In this way, they contribute to building the corporate image by raising awareness focused on a specific topic. Whether you are an SME, a start-up, an NGO or a large corporation, you can raise awareness among your target audience by communicating your newsworthy content in the form of a press release.
Online PR service B2Press operates with a “pay as you go” approach and does not require a fixed monthly fee. Package prices include writing, distributing and reporting services for 1 press release. In addition to a press release, the exclusive package also includes a special feature.
Your press release will be written within 2 business days and submitted to you for approval following the brief you submit. Once the approved copy is received, it is then distributed to news agencies together with national and local media lists prepared according to content. Timing for the distribution is determined in accordance with the content of the subject, publishing schedule of targeted publications and the general agenda.
B2Press comes with a prepaid model. Once you have created a request and before the press release is written, you can make the payment via wire transfer, credit card or PayPal.
B2Press builds a bridge between the brand and the media, which has newsworthy content. The decision to cover the content, shared in press release form, in their medium ultimately belongs with members of the press.

Do you want to increase your brand awareness? With B2Press, only 4 steps are enough; Leave us a request, let's write your press release, distribute it to the media and report media coverage!

1- Online PR Service B2Press determines the press release subject, target media lists and images together with you after receiving your request.

2- Your press release is written within 2 business days by an experienced editorial team of ex-journalists.

3- After your approval, your press release will be sent to journalists via news agencies and media lists segmented for your industry.

4- B2Press's expert reporting team monitors your online and print media coverage and detailed analysis reports are prepared in 3 different periods.

If you want to conduct an effective online PR strategy, leave a request to complete the first step!

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